PlayStation US Blog - Open-world Universe Boundless Coming to PS4


Okay, that one is pretty funny.


I don’t get it

I don’t usually summon you guys, but I had some pressing concerns brought up to me by some friends who have been keeping an eye on Boundless and they have some good points. So if @james, @ben, or @olliepurkiss could come take a peek, that’d be awesome and much appreciated.

Just some questions about this section:

Does this mean there will only be 1 titan per world? Even in the case of infinite worlds? So if you miss out on taking it down, too bad? Will they ever regenerate or will a new one ever be introduced to a world?


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They’ll certainly regenerate, we’d run out of worlds very quickly I think if they didn’t!


Good information to have, thanks. Any news on whether there can be more than one active at a time? Especially on larger/infinite worlds?

There wont be any infinite worlds. The worlds will bend though. So if you keep running in one direction you’ll eventually come back to your starting point

We’re planning for 1 titan per world. The focus on a single amazing titan, rather than lots of less amazing titans.


Really curious how this will work out once 100+ players are online simultaneously on one world.

This is probably asked way too soon and isn´t decided yet but will they respawn after a set time on a set spot or will those things be random?

The Titans will not be quickly defeated. Days not hours / minutes. It’s more like a campaign and a classic boss fight. Think sieging a fortress.

Interesting take on Titans. Hard to see it in my head because it’s so new but I CANNOT WAIT to have my first experience with Titans. Well, I’m glad they regenerate at least!

And @Predatoxic: [quote=“james, post:3, topic:2293”]
In development configurations the Generator will keep generating world as you continue to move away from the origin. So they’re infinite up to the standard limits of floating point precision.

I read it as “they can be infinite but wont”
@james clarification please ? :3

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I intend to rent a server, so that’s why I asked about infinite worlds.

Oh I didn’t remember that, sorry ^^

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Hehehe, no worries. I didn’t either, had to scroll to find it. Also I’m actually not clear on whether or not James was only talking about offline servers run on player computers or if rented servers can be infinite too. In either case, I’d also like clarification on how titans will be handled on infinite servers.

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This has been covered a few times on the forums.

The engine and generator support infinite generation. But the MMO servers will be configured with a fixed size.

Players or server hosts can enable infinite worlds.


Have you guys settled on what that size will be?

With this in mind, how will Titans be handled on infinite worlds? Still 1 for the whole world? I’m guessing there will need to be items to guide players towards the Titan if that’s the case.

No. It’s a balance thing. Something linking the possible # of concurrent players versus space for them. But it’s not really a big issue. After the generation is done - hosting is trivial.

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No reason to limit it. The game can handle any reasonable number. It’s mainly limited by rendering on the client.

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