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Does anyone have any 6m+ autoharvest

Do you mean auto harvest?

yes i do Psimms

Try looking in Ultima at the shop portals. Larky might have some at Moonies, a shop in Ultima. You’re probably going to have better luck finding a forged totem with auto harvest and light source (will basically make the totem a torch).

Oh I thought you could forge torches…I’ll check there thanks for heads up.

I make stone chisels with auto harvest, 8m magnet, and 12m light. Much better than torches :grinning:
I see them usually sell for 2500-3500 coin. I sell mine for 1500 but am low on inventory right now.

Don’t really need light source anymore just need 6m+ loot range no major debuffs please.

can you let me know when you get some back in stock?I’ll buy 9

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Yes you can forge torches. I don’t normally find torches while out shopping is all and thought you wanted a torch for the light. If you don’t need the light source, try using the PURE network. They usually have auto looters for sale at each hub.

I usually make them with light as well but can make you a special batch without. Can do those tonight (UK time) and coordinate to trade in Ultima if that works.
Are you ok with stone chisels for this or do you prefer something else as the base?

I’ll trade the 9 for 10k coin total.

In the gyosha mall, there’s a store I always use called “Hammer time”. Its halfway down the long hallway next to the mall entrance where store number 1-100(?) On the right side. They make 8m aoe attraction hammers for around 10k last time I checked. Perfect for hunts!

Store #21

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I like to forge max auto harvest in my iron fists that way I can fight and collect at the same time. Great for low lv hunts.

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10k for a single loot stick??
That is an absolute rip off. I usually see them around for 2.5-3.5k and sell them myself for 1.5k.

Do you still have?

Yup and I’m online now. Are you free?

In Ultima mall now as Hunter865

I’ve got a couple if you still need.