Please fix fall damage

Am I the only one that thinks fall damage needs a massive rework?!

Now before you say “there’s a section on the skill page that adjusts that” I know this. But the overall fall damage is wayyyyy too sensitive. Running into walls should not provide fall damage, running down stairs should not provide fall damage. I just feel like it reaalllly needs tweaking.

Building becomes so tedious with how sensitive the fall damage is. Running through builds that have any steps what so ever becomes tedious. Dropping from a small height takes half of your health…

Yes I’m triggered rn, yes I’ve died 80542 times building recently :joy::rofl::weary:


Yeah I hate this too.

I assume you’re using speed brews and/or hookshot?


I always use speed brews which makes it 1000x worse. But even without them, the problems are still just as bad, honestly.

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+1 because I shouldn’t have to take fall damage while using stairs


At least wildstocks no longer kill you with fall damage every single time :blush: ahhhhhhh the good ol days

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I lost count of the full pies i lost due to dying due to silly few stair steps or a few meters high wall. I now mostly live on floating pies while hunting or looting oort from summoned GB meteors because you can slam into things and fall very decent distances and not die. Used well about 100 pies in the last few weeks because theyre just awesome!


I’m ok with the falling damage mechanics being percentage health based… and like @RedY3 I utilise it to make my builder and my gleambow hunter completely immune to falling and impact damage.

However I do agree wholeheartedly with you that my hunter should be able to run up a flight of stairs with max agility and a speed brew on without dying and my farmer character shouldn’t have to live in fear of every 2 block wide doorway whittling away at his health everytime he passes through one and clips the doorframe because I’m too uncoordinated to walk in a straight line using my controller.


James has his fingers steepled hehe


cries in slamming into doorways even in real life


I think the issue is that fall damage is the same as “wall” damage because essentially they’re both just block collision based on your speed towards it. Personally, I like the idea of wall damage if you’re going too fast… but I do think fall damage could be lowered a bit.

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Pff the entire DMG doesn’t make any sense. There is in my eyes even no point in max health because You lose about the same % of health if you just have the standard bar. If im even honest even the health regen epic is pointless for a max bar.


This has been asked like a million times :disappointed:

And we still suffer from this


Totally agree with a rework of the fall damage system or an improvement of the skill that reduce fall damage.