Please fix the Tilde Key bug, please

Every time I accidentally press the tilde key, when I want to press the ESC key, my game freezes.

This is the keyboard that I’m using. I’m also on PS4.

I had to try this out… Neither in sanctum, nor on world, does my game freeze. However, it does pop my mouse cursor free from the game. When this happens, try clicking the game window again to regain control.

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I’m on PS4.

I will edit my post to clarify.

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This is in the bug database, but there’s no fix for it yet.

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It’s very nice to have a release mouse button but I wish it was mappable.

Well, you learn something new everyday…

@monty1 Can you look into this?

So it seems whatever the action button on PS4 would do the same thing as clicking the mouse on a PC? just a guess.