Please give ps4 players an option to switch R1 and R2 (and L1 L2) to prevent injury

I just got back from the doctor and apparently the reason I am having finger pain is from holding down the triggers too much. Apparently I am on my way to a serious injury so I need to scale back. Or, the devs could help.

The devs are probably unaware of this since they seem to be 100% PC players, but the L2 and R2 buttons on PS4 have rather significant resistance to them (they have springs inside). This is completely unlike a mouse or a keyboard. It can be uncomfortable and even painful to hold these buttons down for prolonged periods of time. I understand why there isn’t a full button mapping screen, but a simple option to swap L1/L2 and R1/R2 would really help prevent injuring your players. R2 and L2 are meant to be used as triggers, not as “hold down” buttons for 5-10 hour mining or building sessions.

Yes I am aware I could get an aftermarket controller or play on PC. Please don’t spam this thread with suggestions like this. 99% of ps4 players are using stock controllers.

In the mean time I will have to be scaling back my time in Boundless. I will be around, but I will have to do less building, expanding and playing for the time being.

The game would really benefit if the devs spent more time in game on PS4.


You can remap the controller thru the settings on the PS4. I also forgot the PS4 controllers have resistance in the triggers. The Astro c40 is barely noticeable with the spring and I love having hair triggers :upside_down_face:


I can? How?
I presume it’s global though and not per game

Yea global. I’d have to look it up as I’ve never had to do it :sweat_smile:

It’s under accessibility and then button assignments(of course within the settings menu on the PS4)

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This is very helpful!

Still, this will be annoying to constantly change every time I play. An in game option would be way better.

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Actually, you can add the accessibility option shortcut to the quick menu screen that pops up when you hold down the ps button and quickly toggle your remap off/on from there as needed. This can be done very quickly without leaving the game…

I always use accessibility for one handing things like regen farming. Sometimes I invert the colours for an extra trippy gaming session too…


Can you see this in your game settings?

We can but we can’t do anything with it the last time I tried



yeah but playstation has no ability to modify those controls at all- there have been a few times i would have wanted to have the buttons changed but can’t

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So I didn’t have to throw the controller against the wall because of false imputes during my chiseling. (And buy a new one in the process)…

Not only are they “spring” loaded but the triggers are the most used buttons and break down very frequent. At least in my case. (Same goes for the left joystick).


I feel you on this one after a long session of Boundless my index fingers hurt.

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I’m not sure that the devs should do anything about this. If you’re playing the game so much that it is causing a repetitive strain injury, then the most important course of action is to stop playing or greatly reduce the amount of your playing, not change the controls so that you can injure the other hand.

Those who spend too much time with a mouse are also liable to develop RSI type injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Our limbs and digits are not designed for lengthy periods of repetitive motion or strain.

We should moderate our own behaviours to look after our bodies.

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Can you use Xbox controller with PS4?
As much as it would be a pain in the derriere maybe use a keyboard and mouse?
You can get a small keyboard with just aswd and space bar
Would be cool if you could use movement sensors to play, play boundless and have a workout at the same time :rofl:

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You must have misunderstood. I am suggesting they switch L1 and L2. This would mean no injury.

I was having a lot of finger pain to and was kind of wondering and then I didn’t play for a day because I had to work and then I went back to playing and realized it was from holding the trigger down for mining and stuff specially on the exos. So what I started doing is just using instead of using my index finger is a different finger or hold it down with like a couple of fingers. I thought I was going crazy because it was that impactful that it was making my finger hurt. Glad I’m not alone but sucks to hear that it’s happening to you too

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Yeah after an exo session it was bad too. But for a 3 hour session you can swap fingers easily enough.

I was actually considering taking one of my older controllers apart and putting in springs with less resistance and making that my “exo and building controller”.

Sadly Xbox controllers don’t work on PS4. They are the best controller; I even own one for PC gaming.

MKB is an option. My computer is getting fixed finally so I will be able to play on PC so that would help me personally. But I figured others have the same issue.

The spring might exacerbate the injury, but it’s the repetitive motion which will cause it, so in the long run it makes no difference if it is spring loaded or not.

Sent PM. Let’s continue this there. I appreciate the input.