Please help me with some transforming work

Hey there! As title says, I could use a bit of support with a task that I really dislike Dx I do a lot of transformation work already on my current project, so I would be really glad and thankful if someone could loan me a hand :slight_smile: So if you want to help me with transforming, I will give you the materials that must be transformed and gladly pay for the effort :slight_smile: thx in advance!

I need again refined wood changed into twisted :sweat_smile: I need a few SS.

May did you get some help? Add me in game. Rajanimaya.
Need to make some coffee and I’m good to go


I would be glad to assist, I am fast at it lol


For now I have at the moment enough wood, but you could help me transform some Sedi Rock into meta rock so I can produce some marble! :smiley: anyhow I got messy with my stuff like Host, everything is bit here and there so I just found out I’m nearly running out of marble for my project :scream: :sweat_smile: your help would be much appreciated, and I want to mention also all my supporters on a sign at my project once it’s done. Of course I will pay you for your effort dear Foxy :blush: :heart:

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I’m offline for a few day for IRL family time but can let you know when I get home for sure and ofc I can help with that!

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Edited the top post. I need again wood :weary:

@May-L04 I’m on most of the day just stop by my workshop on zeta I’ll get you situated

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