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@james @luke-turbulenz If you guys can help at all would mean a lot.
I keep getting a warning about my beacon running out.
I am running out time. It has the stats if my main beacon, but the location is nowhere of where I have built. It has the most prestige and plots of my builds. I warped here and there is nothing. I put down a new beacon here, and nothing fixed. I do not want to accidentally lose this much.

I went through all the rest of my beacons and they are fueled fine. this is the only one that is unamed for some reason. I am scared when it goes somehow it is linked to my in town beacons and wipes me out.

Okay i noticed on one of my other beacons, when i set a way point and go to it , the way point is way off from the actual location of the beacon itself. but it can at least still be seen with a plotter. the expiring beacon cannot be seen with a plotter.

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Sounds awful. Hope you get it fixed.

Try going to the exact location reported by the beacon and placing a new Beacon Control. Then you should be able to fuel the disconnected beacon.

Did. there is a beacon there right now and it did nothing. still have the warning.

Is the Beacon Control vertically inside the beacon?

Okay, Now both Beacons are in my list in the exact same cords, and height. But there is only the new one actually in place. The 107 plots still say I have a day left.

I’ve never built out here before let a lone 107 plots. None of my alts have beacons here either. It’s all wild land no reserves.

Is there a chance it could be a ghost beacon, complete with all the information of a well maintained beacon?
Or a shared beacon and its actually someone elses in Black Light?

@james okay just discovered a major glitch. In black light there is a beacon that was hoteltimes. now it is mine, and when I change the name of my beacon adjacent to this ones plots, it changes the names of them both. This proves to me there is something funky going on, and we can’t trust the locations and the names on the beacons.

So this other beacon I am getting a warning that is dying in 2 hours 35 minutes from now, could be linked to someone elses, and they don’t know it because on their end it looks like mine. Except the location is all wrong. We all looked for it and can’t find it. data is corrupted somewhere.

Also I noticed in the blacklight manifest on the beacon controls it says I have 5 beacons. I only know of 4. the 4th being the new one I laid down hoping to cure the warning beacon. I destroyed the one that was hoteltimes, and nothing really happened.


I logged in last night and was approached by some of our neighbors from Ronfaure, a nearby settlement. They had noticed that the capital marker shifted in Black Light and came to see what had happened. They noticed that a road connecting Black Light and Berlyn Badlands had went wild. The road was around 77 plots long originally, but then got extended to around 97 plots. All of the plots, except for five, went unfueled yesterday. The only 5 plots remaining are the plots that have the beacon in it and 4 connecting(which has nearly 12 weeks until it expires, and is located in Black Light). And I am positive that there was never a second beacon placed in the building process of that road/tunnel. I was there to witness those original plots get placed down by zina, and all were extending from that single beacon in town. Somehow the entire length of the road separated from the 5 plots with the beacon.
Also, I just found spoygg’s post on plot limitations (and watched his video) and read michaelb’s comment:

So I’m assuming these plots reached the max distance allowed. Just wondering if this is so, considering that michaelb posted this comment in July of 2017. If there is still a max we can do what spoygg did and use multiple beacons.

And here is a pic of the beacon info. It had around 77 plots like I had mentioned.

This one is mazingerzeto’s, who helped by claiming the wild plots for us.
@Zina @james

There is no range limit on beacons now. There was in the past - but it has since been refactored and removed.

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Well the refactoring didn’t work. The help page I opened is this same event. The entire 97 plots un-plotted themselves from my beacon except the immediate couple closest to it. So it’s an extension of an old bug or a new one. Hopefully the info will help identify something useful. (updated, it sounded really sarcastic, so not what i intended)