Please, please, please, can we have a sorting option?

I’m not quite sure why it’s something that has not been implemented way before now, but it really should be a thing.

It should be an option, so those that want to use their own sorting method are able.

But at the very least, give us the option to sort by type and colour.

Even if it is just a very basic rudimentary form of sorting.

It can always be adjusted, refined, added to as time goes on, but just to leave it with no inventory auto sorting at all, well, seems a little odd!


Or a key to press that will dump the items you have into a chest, if they match any stacks inside the chest.

IE. Weary Teal Metamorphic Rock goes in, but Azure Igneous Rock doesn’t? Not sure. Maybe like… Left stick press for only color-related items, right stick for material relation without caring about colors.

On PC that could be a bind of control+z and alt+z to match how the keybinds for the rotatary dials and mouse wheel work together.

I have no idea if that beaks anything in use on console, because I’ve never used it before.


Left stick would work. But wonder if they could just differentiate between L2/R2. Dunno what buttons on pc that equals tho

Someone who plays on both would definitely have the better knowledge on this.

Left and right mouse button since they are the action buttons normally…

terraria has sorting. but not smart stacks. They should be able to implement something similar

I think that would work better as assignable storage.

Eg, this slot will only accept rock, could then be metamorphic rock, then red metamorphic rock, etc.

But anything to help speed up organising storage/inventory space would be appreciated!


James DID talk about a display case block, which I asked if could be placed on the front of a chest as a ‘sign’ with an item displayed in 2d for such storage.

Maybe it had the added ‘Lock’ effect of assigning the chest to an item, with the ‘sign’ itself being able to change if it’s color specific or not, just like request baskets.

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