Please Politely Respond to/Educate Negative Reviewers like this


My concern is the initial impression people are getting from the game. Could the community here try to not be rude to people who post reviews like this and help them, politely, understand what the game has to offer? The Steam Community Page still needs more users from these forums to contribute positivity and patience with new players.

Don’t be like the guy in the thread who first responded to Whip.


While I know this to be false - the point of this post is that the new player got the IDEA that this is what the game would be about…

And I can’t say that I disagree with it. I know that its foolish, because its not how it is, but it doesn’t really explain this very well anywhere, in fact the exchange is just kinda thrown in there and it feels very clunky and yuck. I for one understand that we can earn cubits easily in-game without having to spend real money… but the game does NOT do a good job of introducing you to the currency and reassuring you that you do not have to buy anything in order to have a great experience in the game

Devs, like @james and @Steggs101 and @Tobelawe - it is of PARAMOUNT importance that we get some pop-ups in game RIGHT AWAY, like step 3 of the tutorial, that explains in great detail that cubits are earned every level and that buying them with real money is NOT required or necessary at all

I know all this to be VERY confusing and upsetting to new players, because I have had to explain it like 10 times over the past week. It is clearly a huge problem


The game could be perfect and there will be negative reviews. Every steam game deals with this.


reading all 3 of hes post’s and review and it feels kind of troll ish some of the prob’s he has are so minor that i feel he would ask for a refund for not being able to wave useing the left hand instead of the right and hes baseing active players off of the steam chart system which is not at all accurate.

he also seem to ignore the EA page and the EA warning when loading up the game when the devs relase the 1.0 launch version there could be a massive change in terms of everything and the 9/11 thing feels like a pure troll comment


yea but with that logic like @Peyago sayed the game could be perfect in evey way and people will still leave bad reviews and troll comments that just the way the internet works


People will troll - that is fully truthful and I agree with it - but his points are valid. Turn off what you already KNOW… and start a fresh character with nothing and tell me it doesn’t feel… odd. The exchange doesn’t feel like its in a good place in game.

And I have no problem with its mechanics at all - absolutely none. Because I understand it. But it is only through heavy discussion on these very forums as well as discord that I understand like I do. A new player who doesn’t go to discord or the forums will immediately be very turned off by all this


There have been quite a few doom and gloom speculation threads lately. Go to any game and you will find negative reviews and people complaining the games are easy mode or masochistic. They complain there is not enough stuff, or too much of a certain thing. These conflicting reviews are usually right next to each other. Steam is a trollfest half full of people who think every game should be specifically designed for what they want out of it and everyone else is too silly or ignorant to understand they shouldn’t have fun. Thankfully PS4 won’t have to deal with it or the steam community’s quirks.

Just relax and wait to actually see how things turn out. Its a lot less stressful that way and only a weekish until the new worlds are released.



A) New players should start with like 12 Plots not 0, as this open’s up the door too OMG the game is pay to win…
B) The Tutorial needs to be fixed, this is a KNOWN issue… but part of that fix should be a walk thru of the process to buy plots from the exchange…


C) Loadkill and the guys saying this guy was going to troll are spot on some people are just negative and you can’t stop that… Look at Minerdiggerman, for instance all the guy does is complain… That is who he is there is no way to fix that, and people like this don’t need to be catered too at all…



  1. Earth is the only planet in the universe with 100% human death rate.
  2. All of Boundless’ developers work on Earth.
  3. 1 + 2 = All of Boundless’ developers will die.
  4. Thus, Boundless is inevitably doomed to die.

That said, I’m still quite happy to continue playing :slight_smile:


Yeah, CLEARLY, all I do is complain.

I seriously do not understand why people don’t realize how easy it is for a game on Steam to get obliterated from just a few highly rated negative steam reviews on a game’s Launch day.


Also for the new skill set feature.
The description need to be more clear since this function is way too unique.

I spend my cubit for the first skill set and i find out that i can’t add any skill point to it.
I know how it works ( total 300 points thing) , but in most game skill set allow u to switch the skills with ur current total point.

I believe i am not the first one getting confuse about this system. Also i believe new player wont give you a chance after they find out the thing they purchase not work as they expect.

Especially items in the real money shop need to be more easier for people to understand how it works, at least shouldn’t require them to ask on discord or Google it.
People usually just click and buy, and after they find out this thing work unusual they will be very disappointed

I can list the game i played has different definition about skill set.
League of Legends / Gw2


On top of that employees and friends of employees or loyal players of other games will leave negative reviews of anything that they think could end up competition of their game. It’s just like product reviews or political reviews of candidates that are negative. An awful lot of them are written by the competition or people they hire to trash the competition. Reviews have to be read very carefully and never trust just one. Look for trends in types of problems that exist in simply negative reviews as well as reviews that recommend it and say good things but point out a problem. If no positive reviews from current players (and @MinerDiggerMan is not a current player as he has said many times he can’t afford the game so his number one argument is always things need to be cheaper) say a problem then it likely is not a problem. Boundless is doing fine at the prices it has as we can see with all the upgrades going on. It’s cheap compared to most games on Steam that are new.

As for 9/11 as launch day… good day to have as most of the world it makes no difference and in the U.S. more people don’t have to work that day or go to school so are thrilled with the day chosen and those who it does matter to may well be relieved to have their minds taken off the negative for awhile. A veterans home I used to live in we had a nurse who lost her husband in 9/11 and she always welcomed some fun on that day to drag her out of depression that day.


@MinerDiggerMan to me is @SethLarcomb reborn and always makes me wonder if both are just alt accounts of someone.


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Mr. Omni, your logic is undeniable. With the imminent (within the next 100 years or so) demise of everything, there is only one thing I can think of doing: Chicken wings and beer party!

Edit: I iz r forgetz english!


Blockquote Creativerse is Free.
Rising World is 15$
7 Days to Die is 15$
Minecraft is 30$
Portal Knights is 20$

Blockquote Those games currently have as much, or more content than Boundless.

7 Days to Die is so not competition of Boundless, if so then so is ARK, Rust, Age of Conan… Those are 7 days to die competition… Not Boundless…

Minecraft, is old, has less content then boundless, is a lesser game then boundless. I loved Minecraft but lets be realistic it doesn’t hold a candle to Boundless… It just happened to be the father of the Genre the game that came first…

Portal Knights is maybe the best example but lets get real here…
Cartoon Graphics
No Economy
And just crappy building because Cartoon Graphic’s…

There is no comparison here Boundless is its superior in every way!
Creativerse has completely failed…

There is honestly no real competition for Boundless the closest competition it has is Mod’s inside of Minecraft!!!


I don’t agree with you
If you only talk about content, sry boundless still the best sand box game in my mind.
The list you have here can’t even compare to Boundless.
The graphic / system / econ / social , everything we get so far is way too good to play.

The thing i pointed out doesn’t mean i hate this game.
I only list 2-4 post about the negative point i am worry about.
But there are 30-40 Positive point i just didn’t post it on public since i know people here already understand how good this game is , and we all know it will getting better and better.


The Steam review is complete bullsh!t. It’s misleading and it’s a one-off in a small minority of such one-offs. The cash shop in this game is very fair and I’m looking forward to spending good money to reward the Boundless devs for such a great job done after launch.


I never said it wasn’t, my point is, if reviews like this stack up, Boundless is going to Launch with a lot of refunds, and a lot of negative reviews. Something needs to change so a player’s first impression isn’t what he went through.


I’m sorry but your posts come off as “Don’t worry, guys, I’m with you! I don’t think anything is wrong with the monetization of Boundless but, uh, well, you see, if these OTHER people keep leaving clearly, uh, FALSE reviews like this, it’s going to really hurt the game… elbow elbow wink wink nudge”.

Just say that, despite being able to build REALLY REALLY huge (WAAAAAAAAAY larger than all but the most hardcore players would typically build) completely for free and being able to continue leveling past 50 and earning more and more plots, you don’t want people who choose to financially support this amazing game and dev team to be able to earn more plots. Just say that and we’re cool.