Please Politely Respond to/Educate Negative Reviewers like this


He picks valid points. Having 40 characters at peak is a huge issue because the lack of diversity gives narrow focus on game functionality and how it will appeal to a larger base. This thread alone shows how the “fan” culture and people that see no wrong in this game affects it. The low consistent user base has been a huge problem for this game.


I fully agree that there needs to be some more pop-ups or whatnot in game that explains a few of the basic concepts cough exchange cough and things like that better. Just a short little dialogue window that forces you to hit a button at the bottom to close it.

NOT like our current tips system. Those are annoying 99% of the time, and they seem to repeat even to veterans who know it all already.

Speaking of which, is there a way to turn those off permanently?


you can turn of the tips at setting.


Thanks, I will look for that and do it next time I get on


Setting - > Game-> Show Tips


Why are we talking about peak populations when the game hasn’t even launched yet? Early access was with minimal advertising. The PS store alone is greater advertisement than anything they’ve done before.


Also - peak population went down after release announcement; I almost stopped playing myself.


I stopped playing so much over the last week or two, but only because I have many things to plan do and plan before the soft-launch next week, with regards to getting a skills calc up and running for all you lovely people and preparing the website for a whole new universe of information.


We aren’t talking about “peak populations” in the general sense of what peak population means. We are talking peak population in a development sense in that the game has had horrible early access numbers.

We have seen a small group of people stick around and a large majority of people leave because either they felt the game didn’t offer them enough, or they wanted to play something else while this was still developed, etc…

That is the issue the person was making that we don’t have a good amount of people playing which can infer that there are fundamental issues with the game or it is too niche to be mainstream.