Please reconsider the cost of exploring skills

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I just thought a lot about my (char) built and realized, that the most demotivating skill tree is that of the exploring skills. The Skills are nice and also useful (especially the ++inventory space which I would NEVER go without), but the costs are exploding to quickly compared to the other trees. I would love to add a second or two skill rows next to the inventory boost, but the other skills are then so d#§m high in their skill point costs that it would feel like a waste of potential better options. I’m not at my PC now to check (nightshift 4tw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), but I think it was abou 30+ points for the 5th point in the tree, which is pure demotivation to me.

Anyone sees it the same way? Or what are your thoughts?


I had this same feeling… Basically, all of the skills I’d ever buy were all lumped into one category, and the cost went through the roof before I’d gotten all of the skills I actually wanted.


The cost of the skills is quite punishing, most particularly for the inventory slot upgrades, since they don’t add anything in comparison to just filling up other skill branches, because you can just build another worktable and place the extra things in those slots, and extra 4 slots don’t really allow you to do much at all. Other games I play either allow you to upgrade the weight you can carry without limiting the slot count, or don’t concentrate the stat points the same way this game does, when you can pretty much max your stats pretty fast without learning any other skill, which also makes the game more punishing to play long term to be able to spec up the important crafting skills.

well, on the matter of needed inventory space: I would never go out without full possible space later, cuz you find lots of different useful (or sellable) stuff you don’t want to lay arround. If you focus on just one action the same time (like hunting, mining or gathering) you may have enough with the base inventory, but if you want to pick up a bit more you quickly reach your limit, especially if you take a lot of different kinds of tools and weapons with you (not to forget food and basic stuff like torches or warp blocks).

on the focusing matter: the more you put into one tree the cost raise ina good amount normaly (exporing seems a bit off) so if you make a jack of all trades you can simply have roughly 60% to 70% in all … but if you want to specialize it’s way more demanding. But I like this concept, because a: it’s balancing on the way up and b: it gives a nice dynamic which I would miss if the costs stay “on the ground” :wink:


I agree. The exploration skill tree is far too demanding and inventory space is a must… don’t understand how anyone can really be satisfied without it. I think the skill mark up is appropriate if you remove the inventory space and have it acquired in another way otherwise I find it hard to choose other options while maintaining inventory space. With the release of new planets I imagine blinksecs is going to become more of a must as well lest you be hopping from planet to planet for what will accumulate to a high price to pay. Perhaps inventory should be automatically gained every 10 levels. Again, don’t really like the idea of it being a skill based mechanic.

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Good news! The whole skill tree is currently in the process of being completely reworked. It’s also been mentioned by the devs a couple of times that the inventory space probably should not limit you so much, especially due to the number of items currently in and being added to the game.

This rework will be coming to the test branch soon :tm: so be sure to look out for the announcement and provide feedback on the changes when it’s available


Oh, so we get the forge and the new skill tree?! Thats awesome!

Hmm, probably bc the forge gets related skills as well and it would be a waste of time to fit them into the old skill tree. Makes sense. :thinking: