Please remove empty private message conversations from the ingame chat - It's really hard to find active ones

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Please remove private message conversations from the ingame chat after they become empty. (After 30 days?)
It’s really hard to find active conversations when 90% of the displayed ones are empty and with ppl i haven’t seen in month.

It’s time for a clean up. :broom:


That’s why the list is so long lol Def need this

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Would you be able to provide some example screenshots for reference?

i havent used pm for longtime now notice bar on right i slides way down that list
it would be way better if they deletes themself after a while
our give us option to delete them

ive been messing around with guilds to make systems and such now its completly un doable all sorts off channels there
wish i could clean that up aswell
also i have multiple channels cuase diferent alts i own each have there chat channel in guild etc etc

would be cool if it be more like a forum where i can create channels myself we usually use guilds pure for permission systems you can subscribe to

oh so you know i completly stopped using all off this

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I never knew how messed up the mail system was until I had to start counting votes in our wall Art Contest. I had the mailbox plot assigned to my main character. I went to count votes and I had received ZERO messages. I knew something had to be wrong, because I had seen so many people in town, and I assumed they would be voting.

Then I realized they were voting, but I was not getting any notifications. One by one I went through the entire list of mostly empty mails, finding votes along the way. It took me almost 45 minutes and I ended up with about 30 messages, I had no idea I had even received.

I ended up replotting the plot on an alt account… (thankfully that was last week​:wink::crazy_face:) the alt account hasn’t received any messages so I can assume all messages will be votes.

The problems I see.

  • No notifications

  • No way to delete old mail

  • No way to tab back from a mail to the list of types of messages. (I know I worded that weird🤪)

  • No way to sort mail.

Perhaps unread messages could at least be bolder until read? Right now you may or may not even get a notification. Think of how many instances and arguments might be a result of misunderstanding because of missed messages.


thx for explaining i knew a soon as i saw your post with those mailboxes for voting you where very patient and brave person

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I hope you managed to sort out the votes lol :grimacing:

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I did! I went through each message and then switched the plots to an alt account who had zero messages. :blush: I will count all of those votes tomorrow morning. :blush:

I can certainly pass on your feedback @Kirinvar about the option to delete old messages.

Also, thanks for the screenshots @the-moebius, although I noticed one of the screenshots still has that issue of the text being too long.

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