Please remove the 10 character limit

The title says it all.



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Really which kind of message would you make that needs less than 10 characters?

Please keep the 10 character limit. Do we really want to see loads of replies saying just “+1” or “I agree”?


Yeah as @Ardos says removing the limit would make people able to make short messages like that where the like button could be used just as well.

If i remember correctly that is actually the exact reason that the discourse team added the 20 character rule as a standard setting until the forum owner lowers or raises the number.

Sometimes you just need to reply someone with a short reply, like yes or no.

If you need to reply with a yes wouldn’t it help eleborate on the answer like saying:

I disagree because…
No i think that is a bad idea because…
No I would not say that as…

This way you makes sure that you have a contructive discussion.

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All I know is that I very often come in the situation where I’d like the character limit gone.

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yeah… [Spacefiller]

You could just as well say.

I have the same problem.
(that would be twenty characters)

Or just

yeah :tired_face:

(16 characters)