Plinth: item diversity and amount?!

Dear everyone,

since I accidentally posted the suggestion on bug reports, here is the issue copied from the original:

It’s more or less the issue, that you are only
able to sell on one plinth different items of the same type. So if I
sell raw meat, I can also sell bone and tallow at that plinth too, but
i.e. not a gleam stone.

I don’t understand that restriction. To me it is not consequent.
Either just one item can be sold on a plinth (and that one of course is
displayed) or different items (not restricted by type). Of course the
amount with different items is restricted by the amount of slots you
have on a plinth.

But that is just my opinion… don’t consider it as a bug.
I just thought in the beginning, it is a bug.
So actually it is now - after I saw it is no bug - more or less critics to the current system.

I had a pretty charming idea, to work around the “handicap” a plinth
can just display one item. I wanted to show in it’s background what
other items can be bought here, in placing a shelf behind the plinth and
putting in, one of each item I am selling on that plinth (as shown

That would make most sense, when I am not just able to sell items on the same type.

What does everyone else think?


I think the idea is to add readability to plinths by only allowing “similar” items to be sold together, and in this case similar means smart-stackable. I think it’s a nice trade-off between only allowing to sell one item at a time and allowing to sell different types of items without the possibility of visualizing them above the plinth.

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To be honest, I quite like the fact that we need to have multiple plinths to sell different items, otherwise people would just create one and sell all their wares on it.

I think, the ability to sell “smart stackedable” items on the same plinth was mainly derived from having different colours of the same item.

For me, the fact that you can sell meat/bone/tallow on the same plinth just makes you a butcher :wink:


I’d be in favour of one item per plinth. No smart stack.
Idk, maybe they have sth. special in mind with a smart stack menu option, but not so much a fan of it so far.

My suggestion for a smart stack menu would be: hold mouse button over an icon until [up left right down - side]
icons roll out of the pressed icon, so that they form a cross.


I would like to have plinths with restricted item number but not a restriction on the composition of those items. Here a suggestion:

What if a plinth can only sell one item (or one smart stack) BUT can be bound to a shelf/box so that it also sells items of that additional storage. So it would be limited to 5 slots each and it will show all items through the nature of the shelf/box… If you think 5 is to less add one additional box/shelf (but more then nine slots would be to much in my eyes).

How does that sound for you?

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I’m with @Bokke and @TheBirne

Every Item sold should be illustrated.
So eiher one item per plinth, or a connection to shelves.
(Second is quite similar to the first aid I did to myself on picture above because there is not this option yet).

I personally don’t want to go close to a plinth and interact with it, before I know the item sold is interesting to me.

This is the case with meat sold.
I don’t want the meat, but I am interested in Bone for glue.
So I have to go to the plinth (no matter how far and how bad to reach) and have to interact with it, to see if it contains bones also. If I’m unlucky and no bone is sold my time was wasted to to go there.


Please (!!!) no conveyor belt mechanisms for plinths PLEASE!!! :scream::sob: