Plot Bug

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Myself and @the-moebius were working on adding a portal to a location on Vulpto. We came across a plot that says “Wild” when blocks are placed inside that plot but when you place a beacon control in the plot you can not add fuel to it to activate it. We tried claiming a plot next to it and then adding with the plot tool but it says that the plot can’t be added cause it will overlap another beacon.

Here is a screenshot of the location showing the coordinates. The plot in question is the soil area.

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Very strange. Thanks for showing the location. We’ll log a bug for someone to look at.

Just wondering if anyone was able to look at this plot. It’s still acting bugged where it says it’s wild but when you try to plot it it says that it can’t be plotted because it would overlap another beacon.

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I’ve had this same issue some time ago:

In short, go crazy with plot removal tool, there is some strange issue like settlement is taking plots but they do not belong to anyone. You can remove them with plot removal tool, but it’s kinda tricky since those plots can be underground and connected with other non-obvious “settlement plots”. Once you remove those plots, they actually do not belong to any beacon, you’ll be able to expand your beacon.
One question, how far is that plot from original location where you setup campfire?

yeah my plot is still unbeaconable :frowning:

This plot is on a totally new planet from where I started and I can’t remember where I placed my campfire after the new objectives were added but I’m sure I would have done those objectives a ways away from where this plot is at. I will try to mess around with the plot removal tool.

It might have to do with size of plotted area, that should be fixed but I think limit was 100m before so that’s about 12 plots in one direction.

So after looking around some more I was able to locate a plot under the bugged plot that is an active plot owned by Matok. The portals he has there aren’t open but the beacon is lit and has fuel.

So this is a bug but a different bug in that the plots above it are showing as wild. The plots below it are showing reserved by Matok.

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Glad you figured it out :slight_smile: