Plot maps

I need to plot fairly big amount of land.
Are there any online tools that show the world map with an overlay of claimed plots?
Or do i have no other option but run around the worlds with a ruler in hand :sweat_smile: should show you them, but they may not have been updated for a month or two.


That’s perfect, thanks!

If you want it in real time, you can put a warp augment into an atlas.

This will show you a heat map of plotted areas based on plot density.


I think you could stand in the sanctum with plot view on and look at the planet.
You might have to wait for your town/city to go by. A totem with warp augment(might not need the augment) will let you see city names. You can also do it from a neighbouring planet.

or put the warp aug into the atlas, go to a different planet and look at the atlas. it rotates too, but faster