Plot reserved by beacon not sure how to fix [SOLVED]

At my base I wanted to unplot one plot in my workshop to move everything over to chests and reclaim for sorting purposes and when I attempt to fuel it it tells me it is reserved despite me having my other beacon set to allowing others to plot around me temporarily to achieve this.

Is this not possible or is something wrong totally confused here.


Maybe plot is already plotted from above or below. Or then some other player protection is not allowing it.


Instead of editing I add this to new message.

  1. You uplotted one plot from base
  2. You place beacon to there
  3. Fueling gives this error

If this plot is center of your base so that other character protection couldn’t affect it. Then you have from your old base something plotted on another altitude, because you can’t have two different beacons in different altitudes.

Yeah it sounds as if it is from another beacon or an alt and there are plots above/below the plot you’re trying to claim.

If it is part of another beacon you would have to plot down(or up) from the existing plot in that column. Similarly if it’s an alt that has a plot higher or lower you would need to use that alt and plot down or up from that plot.

Hard to explain, but check that no other plots are in the ‘column’ of plots you’re trying to plot.

…Plot :laughing: the word is losing meaning

Edit: plotting any altitude will reserve all plots above and below from mantle to sky, so only plots from the same character and same beacon can be plotted in one column.

So if you stand in the plot you want to claim, remove all plots above and below and then put down a new beacon it will let you claim. However when you reclaim you will then lose that entire column if you plot it all…

I’m guessing plot above or below, too

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I keep wondering if this is a technical limitation of the game that makes our plots reserve every plot above and below? Or if that’s a developer design choice. It would be super convenient to give people permissions to build above or below our beacons so that people could actually start vertical malls/hotels etc instead of these crazy huge malls that span 1000+m of distance

Supposedly design choice. But me and other mall owners would LOVE if you could allow people to plot above and below OPTIONALLY

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How would this get displayed on the beacon map & settlement visualization stuff in game?

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Yes, as long as it was a permission that you had to manually turn on & as long as it’s not on by default for anyone, anywhere.

By reserving all of the plots vertically, I’d imagine that’s much less taxing on the servers than having to save/read data by a bunch of different players on all 200+ plot layers/planes on each planet.
Also, can you imagine all of the griefing that would happen lol. Start building something, then the next day you see that someone has built a whole thing above your thing? :dizzy_face:

It would also have to be a permanent permission that was granted. Otherwise someone could turn it on, get mad, then decide to turn it off and ?

Simple = better

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I think it would be fine if it were a permission. I could plot the ground floor and build a giant mall building with floors

Yea it was because of plotting above and below :stuck_out_tongue: sucks but Ill just have to move the plot out away from my property and go from there LOL


That’s really only true when the simple solution and the complex one both lead to the same results. Usually simple = compromise, and in this case that compromise is Quicker, easier development. However, I’d argue the current system rules out just as many ‘good’ use cases as it prevents negative ones. Multi tier cities, malls, apartment buildings, cliffside settlements, cavern-spanning grottos, any combination of subterranean, surface and aerial build.

I wouldn’t deny there’d be issues to resolve like who gets what mesh allowance in their plots (as if that wasn’t already a concern where plots from multiple players occur in the same chunk) or plotting rights for multiple people, but they are issues that can be reasoned through. What we have now is a simple ‘No, you cannot build like that’.

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