Plot Wall

Moved near someone (while asking if it was okay). Given the okay, built my place, but left a 3 plot space between my build and theirs. Turned on plot protection, and reached enough prestige today for it to activate. Planted some Earthyams and logged off. When I logged back on, there was a wall of plots surrounding my build on 3 sides. I’ve added red lines to show where the plots are.
This seems like griefing to me…

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According to the Boundless Code of Conduct it is. You should probably report it in game or maybe via PM on here.

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Per advice of another player, I reported it in game and then made a post here. I wanted to get opinions before I went the PM route to be sure.


Feels like grief to me, too … but could it be that they’re just building roads around you? They are just single plots, right? (this isn’t me doubting you, just thinking aloud)

EDIT - But, of course … why would you? You just build a road up to the the settlement, then one on the otherside and have the other person connect it internally. Yeah … Griefy-McGrieferson.

I’ve decided to take the higher road and move. Planet are big enough to move on. Some people just aren’t worth trying to reason with.
@majorvex can you close this thread since it’s no longer necessary.

Closed at the request of the OP.