Plots belonging to the same owner but different beacons can be merged under one beacon

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Sometimes players place two beacons and start building separately. But however, after a period of expansion, their plots are adjacent.
It is obviously a waste to maintain two beacons at the same time, now.
But remove a beacon and add those plot again is also a risky behavior.

So I think it should have a button or any other way to merge them


Been there done that. Had to remove all plots of one beacon and the beacon itself. Than starting placing plots back so they count towards the other beacon.
Would love to see easier way of merging.


Maybe if you colour two adjacent beacons to the same colour, then be able to trigger a merge on either beacon


Revive and @james
I’m sure this is a nice feature for quality of life.
And you are working in this side now, yeah?

This would be fairly easy. subtract and spin around and add. Dont delete whole beacon. just 1-2 plots at a time.

We don’t all have two dimensional beacons.
Sometimes its hard to get to or even see certain plots…

I strongly support this idea.

From the program and realistic, it just can be done by click a button.
Why do I have to use the half hour or more time to move back and forth to deal with it?

Because at this time its the only option. Even if its implemented It would be weeks+.

I never said it wasnt a good idea to have the merge button. I just said it would also be easy with a subtract and adder.