Plotting system tweaks

  • add an option to be able to see plots above and below on the plotmap, perhaps different colours for those plots, currently the plotmap shows all plots in the area regardless of depth/height

  • Line thickness slider for plot boundary lines, currently the boundary lines are too thin and are hard to see when using certain plot area colours.

  • secondary plot lines at from edge to centre of the plot (4x4x4).

  • Instead of a blinding white box around a plot that the player is trying to remove, replace it with a minus symbol in the same way as the plus symbol that appears when a player is adding a plot to an area.

and finally

  • add double sized beacons/camp fires for players using even number builds, the old ones are
    (Width x Length x Height)
    beacon: 1x1x2
    campfire: 1x1x1

where as the new added ones would be

Beacon: 2x2x2
campfire: 2x2x1