Plotting With Alts To Expand

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Hi … How do I use my alt to expand my settlement?

I would like all of the land that the alt gets to expand the reach of the settlement.

Just ensure your alts are plotted up against your existing settlement.

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Cheers, @SephirothWS. :smiley:

So, literally plot right up next to it? There’s nothing that’ll screw things up, like … maybe if I end up with more plots in the alt?

OK … I just literally did exactly the above (plotted my new alt to my original bit of land) and it hasn’t taken on the Settlement name … am I being stupid? Maybe I don’t have a settlement or something. rarg. :crazy_face:

Depends on how the alt’s plots are laid out, check the beacon map (B on keyboard for PC, not sure about PS4) for that. The new alt’s beacon can’t be considered a road. If you got a location, I can come by and have a look

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No need, mate. :slight_smile:

Just lemme know what a “road” is, and I’ll make sure that it’s not that. :slight_smile:

(is it just basically something that’s a plot wide?)

Basically there’s a threshold of how many plots need to be plotted adjacent to the one you want to not be considered as a road. Think the ratio needs to be above 50%.

Sorry … pretend that I’m extremely dumb.

(in reality … I am … extremely … dumb)

Unfortunately I got more confused by this statement.

I’d like to learn the difference, you see … rather than just be told … yeah … that’s fine … or ‘do this’ … :slight_smile: … hence trying to understand it here. :slight_smile:

The beacon map (The legend I got out of the debug menu (F1)) displays how the game considers plots. In this example, the plot(s) I’m standing in fall below the threshold and are considered road plots. I’ve noticed most settlements will plot 2 or 3 plots in a vertical space to eliminate the road designation if they only want to plot one wide.

Hence, I asked for location info so I can come visit and see what the beacon map shows me, so I can be more specific. … (Also give you a bit of footfall for visiting too.) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahhhh … brilliant. OK, nice.

So, basically, anything wider than a plot in my alt’s space will be considered part of the settlement. :slight_smile: COOLIES. :+1:

Oh! And thanks for that legend tip!