Pls close topic ty

I just wanna hit an umbris exo I love em. My fav let one pop. Pretty pls ill love you forever. Course I do allrdy


How did u do this o.o


And got cursed with Gyosha Gleam

tenor (5)


Ty boundless gods


Wow. Teach me your witchcraft

If i knew witchcraft I would be healthy as an ox. Enjoy the exo

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Randomly generated… right.

So negative

I know you live there but it’s a really nice warm gleam colour and I use it rather often!

We have a safe gleam farm at the dome if you need it

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Why people always take everything i say as negative?
As you see.
Was just questioning how random in the end exos are… as my understanding is that they are randomly generated… but it seems they are not cause conviniently “you spawned” a umbris planet.
So wich one is it?
Random or not?

You’re buugi so it’s negative lol. Just playing around. I think people see 4-5 words and complain. They don’t read it all.

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Its random yes or maybe I’m just lucky. Ur always posting negatives things. So let’s stop this and let this post stay for people that wanna know about the new exo

Closed as per OP’s request