[Poll] Do you farm?

Do you farm? If so, how big is your farm? If not, why not?

  • No.
  • Yes and I own 5 plots or less
  • Yes and I own 6-15 plots of farm
  • Yes and I own 16-30 plots
  • Yes and I own 31-50 plots.
  • Yes and I own more than 50 plots

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Have a huge earthyam farm but due to too time consuming in harvesting, tilling and planting, didnt manage to plant the whole farm :sweat_smile:

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I don’t farm because:

  • All of the steps/maintenance - just doesn’t appeal to me (I know it does to others though).
  • I get enough farm items from exploring & gathering.
  • I don’t make food products.
  • I would hope no crop withered, but if one did, I would have assumed the food crop would and that the prestige/decor crop would not. I use starberry food crops as decor since they don’t require maintenance.
  • I don’t like the drop ratios :woman_shrugging:t3:

I do have a goo farm though…if that counts. Love it :+1:t3:


I have planted just about all the crops but rarely harvest them. The only one that I spend time regularly harvesting and replanting is my goo crop which is, at a guess, maybe 80-100 plots big.

The other crops I found tedious/repetitive and fairly unrewarding. The goo I have enjoyed as it has required so much experimentation and the results are so varied which gives that little bit of excitement when you discover something new. And of course I enjoy having access to all 255 colours for myself and helping out friends.


I’ve been thinking about making some farming space just to decorate, but I’m not building lately anyways. I hung up a starberry plant at my place but I haven’t really farmed a single thing.


Counting in memory, I got to just above 50 plots.
It’s not one farm though. Each type of crop has its own farm (usually on different world as well). So there is no one large area sharing different crops. Rather a lot of smaller and dedicated to 1 type of crop.

I’m farming rice, vines, exotic yams, wheat, oat, kranut and all 3 inorganic crops.

Organic ones are around 2 plots each, apart from kranut that takes nearly 10 plots now.
Inorganic farms are larger in general, ranging between 4 and 20+ plots.

Some of the farms are actually decorative and I don’t harvest them.

You forgot the yes and no :white_check_mark:

Have several plots of farming area. But don’t farm much. Either no time or simply don’t want to make time for it.


Only on small scale and only if i need it … last on the list of my to do

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I have a stack farm for berries and a modest 200ish each of the other organics, mainly harvest when i need to bake a bit otherwise they just stand ready and waiting.

Planning on expanding my kranuts and inorganics, but there’s always something else i have to do more urgently so I’ve filed that under my 5year plan :rofl:

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I have a fully operational farm I never seem to be able to have time for.

Please boundless give me 12 more hours in a day =)


I mainly put stuff for deco purposes.
Basically i do not farm cause i dont see any benefits for myself… what you get out of it… i do not use… berries… etc

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I have fully operational farms that until we get a plow are rapidly becoming Fully Ornamental farms .

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I mainly just use @Stretchious’s farm when I need it. He has it setup for guild use and its to big to do it all in one go as a single person.


I have a 2 plot Kranut farm. But I don’t use it because it’s impossible to buy adrenal glands at what I consider a fair price, which means I don’t have a need for Kranut.

And I have two plots full with these purple stones. They kinda make me happy, and who doesn’t love a houseplant you can’t kill by not watering.

I chose yes, because I own a small “farm” but it’s been month since I grow or harvested something.

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IRL I’m great with plants! I have no interest in boundless farming really though. Unless you could farm oort (which is a terrible idea).

Spiders were fun though.


I hardly ever have time to harvest mine… but I do have a farm. :blush:

I have a pretty decently sized farm, and will soon expand it to contain Kindling as well.

I just need to find a great setup first.

I’m chuckling at the number of people who have farms in this thread, but don’t just harvest them.


I have a 2 farms… One in woodlands where I build which is foot wax and one with squatopia on marax but unless I start needing rice or regular or exotic earthyams I just ignore the one on marayx. However I don’t harvest often the waxy earthyams.

I have a farm that I usually harvest once a week, I use one mega speed brew after harvesting to re-plant what I harvest… that’s the amount of time I usually spend on it.

I also have an inorganic farm for goo and kindling etc which I try to look after once every day or two. Much prefer the inorganic farming and messing around with goo.