Poll : How hard should the highest tier worlds be?

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Yeah well that would be the point? You are forced to move through different worlds so you see more than one place, this exposes the players to more different worlds and increases the chanc of people going to live somewhere else than the first 2 worlds they find.

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Dunno, it could be completely disconnected from the “geographical” world generation and just be like an additional layer in the world generator (like the heightmap) that determines the scaling of the creatures that spawn inside of it and the ore distribution.

Well as you progress you would “unlock” those places and become able to explore even more of you beloved world.

An indicator for the difficulty would definitely be necessary. Preferably directly on the creatures in an optical way (remember the concept of the corrupted ground basher? :smile: )

Yeah cities around/in the capital area and lone outposts in the harder regions. Sounds like a reasonable distribution for me.

That´s exactly the point. People that want to explore different worlds will/can do it anyway. People (like me) that like to pick a world and stay there for 90% of their (online)time are not forced to play against their prefered gamesytle.

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It will not change your gamestyle to move to a different world for the amount of time it takes to find the rescourses you are searching for, the only change of Playstyle between tiered worlds and your idea is that you need portals to do tiered worlds.

You would under all circumstances be forced to move out in through the circles which would mena new biomes not seen before because increasing difficulty would mean new biomes or modifications to existing ones.

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Not necessarily, the “geographical” generation of a world and setting the “difficulty map” could be two completely independent steps while making a world. So as you would travel through the world you would notice as much change in the biomes as you do in the current worlds. Just the creatures and ores would change.
(I also mentioned that the process of increasing difficulty should be gradually not step-by-step. Meaning that as you travel “outwards” you would not instantly switch from “blue” to “purple” creatures but notice a continuous increase of the density of “purple” creatures spawned).

As I’m sure you can imagine, balancing super fun sandbox and rewarding progression is quite tricky.


Not winging though, I’ve been working on progression since Christmas and currently have about 20 sheets, thousands of lines and hundreds of formulas and I think we’re approaching a good system that caters for the two.


Basing difficulty solely on the pressent aggrasive animals is rather boring which is why this was brought up months ago:

Difficulty is so much more than which creatures is around, it is about dangers of fall damage, tricky terrain and flora that can hurt you.


:yum: I told you so!

I did think this system was sub optimal, maybe you will consider some of my points as to the system not fitting into Boundless now.

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I would love to get my hands on those sheets xD

That’s the spirit @ben Share with us what you decide on, or have in the works. Some critique might help you out!

Nope, still dont think that pure focus on “building and exploration” would be optimal. combat is a huge component of most mmo’s if nothing else then at the very least people need to use it to get materials or items. Time will tell though, and there will definitely be building and exploration in the game, there already is a to a huge extent. which is why it seems like its only going that way :slight_smile:

i do agree on one thing though, i think loot should make sense, not like wow where you kill a pig and they drop a two hand sword.


Totally agree with you on that one.
I just wanted to say that I think that every world should provide every tier with a little example solution. I´m sure that there is a lot of potential detail that could be added (increased hunger/thirst, bigger aggro range, weather having a bigger effect, etc.) if one would put more thought into it.

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My biggest problem also lies in the “Size” like if you want to squish everything into ONE world then the size to each “tier” will be way smaller, so you talk about " a populated capital area" the maps are what… 8x8 km? if we have 5-10 tiers split over that, the green zone will be filled up insanely quick. But i get where you are coming from now [quote=“Vastar, post:73, topic:1509”]
People (like me) that like to pick a world and stay there for 90% of their (online)time are not forced to play against their prefered gamesytle.

i think this sums it up perfectly. “i want this system so you can stay on 1 world” i just think its against the very core principle of Boundless to do that. i think they should encourage (this is where you use force) people to move between different worlds to create a more dynamic Home and Out feeling, so you might have a homeworld but you would need to go to other worlds to make outposts and stuff. imagine if WoW was based on “i only want to stay in goldshire” or Tera “I only want to stay on the starter island” or that attitude in basically any mmorpg, also sandbox. I think the reason that people can think like this is because indeed MOST sandbox games only consists of one world which has different difficulty areas, but it would be such a damn waste to do this here. After all the point of the game is to have a connected universe with a ton of worlds.

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Didn´t you forget something while being knee-deep in spreadsheets? :smile:

Absolutely my intentions is to share when we’ve worked out some of the details and have time to describe it properly (and answer questions).


at the same day I bought the pack I tried to play with a controller and I touched all I could until find out what each button does. well it goes very well i prefer the controller than the keyboard. this is my opinion, I am more used to it

I would feel so crippled if i had to use controller for anything first person, But i can understand why those who have always used consoles would prefer it :smile:


well i dont only use controller I also use keyboard, but it depens of the type of game i play. The easyest way always.

ano right dayum Kirito wearing the same god damn jacket he got from floor one

I will be satisfied with any type of progress as long as following criterias are fulfilled:

  • we will have enough free space to explore and build on (not crowded)

  • exploring and visiting other worlds give advancements (other types of blocks, special mats (for those who don’t like to travel: you still should be able to trade :wink: ))

  • people with high power have other areas to play then newer chars (other worlds or, like suggested, in an outer rim (but please not just deeper underground like in other games (crestiverse/block story)))

  • equipment will have tiers which have to be gained over time.

  • people should need months of playing to reach the highest “level” and you should not be able to just gain such level through simple getting the right equip from other players.

  • there will be areas ment only for maxed players or even groups of them … Not only one part of a world or a kind of dungeon but more space to make a living there. This areas should be deadly and challenging.