Poll: Planetary Travel

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I’m curious about something regarding planetary travel and how the current player base has moved from one planet to another … so I’d like a little input from people if you’d be so kind. Have you ever crafted your own Warp Crystal, picked a location, made warp conduits (or used the sanctum) and traveled to a new planet, or have you just used pre-existing portals created by other players?

I’m also not talking about the first warp crystal given to you in the sanctum or creating the warp conduits as part of the objectives (those ones don’t count!)

Please be honest in your answer …

  • I’m hardcore, I did it all by myself!
  • I used existing portals
  • What’s a Warp Crystal … ?

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For those of you that chose the first option (only), how many times have you created a warp crystal to get somewhere else?

  • Only once …
  • Maybe twice …
  • Three times a charm
  • More than four!

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Thanks for your input!


Just thought of something else I should have included in the poll…

How long have you been playing Boundless?

  • About a week
  • Less than a month
  • Less than 6 months
  • Less than a year
  • Less than 2 years
  • I’ve been here since this whole crazy ride started!

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I had a feeling it might turn out this way. The only planets I visited before warping to under my own power are Septerfon, Therka, Munteen VIII, Berlyn and Elopor.

I started out on Solum and warped out everything from Epsilo to Andooweem under my own power. Still thinking about adding a portal to Munteen VIII, but less now that it’s going to be a heavy slog to even keep my portals open.

Edit: I actually have four spare warp crystals sitting in storage somewhere right this moment because I was anticipating Munteen VIII a few days ago.

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As a new player for a week, I can tell you that without the forum, i never knew that there was a need to maintain a portal. And I’m not ready to make one. I’m not talking about portals just to change location temporarily we do in beginner quest.
Later in the game i will see how to do and make it but with the resources and skills that are requested, i think, i am very far.
Not a problem for me but without other player’s portals i walk alone for a very long time to find town and other.

Is a map system in the pipeline?

As an explorer type, I’d really like a map to help me find the bits of the world I haven’t yet discovered. This will have a secondary advantage of helping me stumble on settlements without finding a portal that already takes me there.


I think so - we had a teaser from James a little while back with what looked like an area “mini-map” of various locations - and there was previously a minimap, so it’s definitely something that is doable.

I like that idea a lot! If explorer types could generate maps and sell them that would be cool. Maybe only allow them to create smaller sections of maps, so the players they sell to, aren’t instantly shown the whole world.

You could potentially hook that into progression as well, which then gradually unlocks the ability to craft bigger maps.


Atlases already available to craft in testing, coming live soon. They show your discovered regions and the ones you haven’t visited yet have fog-of-war. They are seen as a miner’s device to locate resources mostly, from what I see, but they work as a perfect mini-map with you located in the middle and direction you face always on top of the map, so you can easily direct yourself towards unknown territories.

have you seen this?