Poll: would people be OK with some new creatures that were simply palette shifted (with new abilities)?

So here’s my thinking.

It’s going to be 6-12 months before the team has time to make truly new creatures and implement them. More likely on the 12 month side.

Palette shifting is when you simply recolor a creature and use the existing 3d models and animations.

So my suggestion would be to add a bunch of palette shift/palette swap mobs with new abilities but using existing creature models. Some examples:

Black cuttletrunk: Shoots a projectile that warps you to a random block within 20-50m

Mud spitter: shoots a stream of mud that slows you and prevents grappling or jumping for 2 seconds. Could use the beam effect from Cuttletrunks just recolor the beam.

Acid hopper: instead of exploding, it releases a poison gas cloud, and doesn’t die from doing this.

Sticky wildstock: when it head butts you, you get stuck on its horns for 3 seconds

Lightning wildstock (blink?): when it reads up it casts AoE lightning in front of it

Slow roadrunner: roadrunner that doesn’t flee and walks very slowly. But if it touches you, you get one shot. Maybe make it sparkly like Mario after picking up an invincibility Star.

Poison wraith: when hit by a poison wraith you get poisoned and can only dispel the effect by killing the wraith that poisoned you.

Also, treasure goblins in diablo are super fun. Maybe introduce some treasure roadrunners in hunts that, if you kill them before they escape, they drop 10x loot or something.

I’m aware we already have rift and umbris and blink etc versions of the creatures. Could definitely use these models just give them unique abilities.


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I agree with the fact that we need more creatures to add diversity. I would also agree that this is something urgent to give attention to. I understand your thought process behind proposing reskinned or colour shifted monsters. However, I have to give this a no.

While I can see how it could help programmers to implement new monsters without having a 3D artist, it won’t feel at all professional in the least. What you propose is what you do when you want to show a prototype of a game to people or publishers, but it should not make its way into the final product. It would work if we already had so many monsters a la WoW, but we don’t.

I like the fact that you often have ideas to help the game grow and encourage you to keep them coming. This one would possibly give the wrong impression to new gamers who might see this as laziness from the devs instead.

The new abilities would require coding time versus a palette shift. Personally, I would prefer them find the time to do a full revamp including new creatures (hunter, etc), new colors, new abilities, new loot tables. A full revision is better in my view in the long run and gives the most bang for the buck.


Well, it’s gonna be a while… haha
I agree less professional