Portable beacons?

I’m not sure what you guys think about this, but It might be cool to have some sort of mini beacons for a 16x16x16 block space that you could take with you wherever you travel. If you need shelter you could deploy your own little custom house for a fee of oort shards. I think either qube world or trove has a similar system to that. Just wondering what you guys think about it.

Nice idea, but possible considerations are…

  1. it could take some of the fun out of traveling since a big part of the fun is survival.
  2. could be OP, especially in PvP zones
  3. While beacons are necessary, having too many will ultimately turn the world in to a mash of invisible walls.

Its a really neat idea and I think trove does it really well…
I think using portals in this game and being able to create portals to your home at any time using Oort Shards will render this somewhat null.

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ah yes that’s true.

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that’s a nice argument, i just hope that it costs quite a bit of oortshards so you actually have to consider if it is worth spending one to get home instantly.

but they will most likely have thought of that already

It’s good idea to do aura-like spell. Actually, if you a great magician, why you can’t protect world around from changing?
Well, of course this thing (item, spell or some another) must have disadvantage before stationary beacon.

And, few comments. Higher level - wider field of holding. Protect from destruction may be permanent, and protection from construction - activable and temporary (for all or lower levels)

I like the idea but at the same time, I fear that it could be abused by players shown in this little example.
(light blue= mini beacons)

Players could make cheap barriers everywhere just for the sake of extracting all the materials as fast as you can gain oort shards again. But this is just me assuming that we’d be seeing players everywhere we go.

I wasn’t thinking you’d have more than 1 of these at a time for any 1 character. I suppose you could make an exploit if you had a huge team of people doing their beacon thing, but I wouldn’t think it could be abused that much.
however, as people stated above, my thought for portable beacons in the sense of qube world is basically pointless because of home warp portals.