Portal calculations?

Is there a way to calculate the cost of the portal without having to attempt to set it up?
I got the blink distance from the google doc but now im currious about what it really means for the portal??? 22 blinksec is handy dandy info but i don’t understand what that means for cost or portal size etc.

i remember ps used to have a calculator but thats gone i assume since i don’t see it on their website.

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I think the cost chart here is accurate.

This looks like it will calculate the distance and cost for you.

I use https://boundlessinfo.com/extras/portal-reference

Just put in the 2 planets and it tells you everything you need to know.


Boundless Portal Helper is the one I use, quick and easy, and it tells you distance, and number of portal blocks needed

Thank you for all the replies everyone! This community is awesome :smiley:


Late to the party but i took this early on (2018) from some where. (Currently have to scroll through thousands of pictures but have it on my phone eversince).

It shows you the needed blocks for blinksec distance, opening cost and cost per hour. So keeping that in mind you can calculate how long you can keep it open with a ss oortsharts (900).

So to answer your question after opening the 22blinksec portal (18 blocks and an opening cost of 400 Oortshards) your portal stays open for 4days 15hours and a few minutes when fueled with 900 Oortshards. Remember the first time you put shards in and open the portal it consumes 400 shards instantly (it can’t be opened with less) so you will have to refuel sooner.

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While I prefer the lightweight UI of Boundless Info, the Boundlexx one does sovereigns as well.

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Oh yeah, completely forgot I needed to update it to include Sovereigns :man_facepalming:
Cheers for the reminder!