Portal closed a week early... I thought

I have been running a portal between my soon to be old sovereign world to my new sovereign world as I transfer stuff back and forth. I had run through the portal multiple times today and I saw it had 1 week and some days left, so I didn’t worry about it. I just now ran up to it. It made the ‘didn’t open’ sound and shut down.
I now realize that the tooltip I was seeing is not the time left on the portal but on the world itself. Had I known I was out of time, I’d of refueled it, rather than letting it close and now costing 250 oorts to reopen.
Clearly, lesson learned, I won’t use the tooltip anymore, but gee, is there no way to make it easier to track time left?


A “portals” list akin to the beacons list would be amazing.


We have IRL alarm clocks now set. 2 of our portals cost 900 a week each. We are talking about taking 1 of our PS4’s on vacation lol


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@DarkQueen If you need someone to watch your portals at any time let me know.

i think there people who have made software to track that just cant remember who