Portal closing at 37 oorts

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I had a portal to Yamasaka (minorengle) And it CLOSED at 37 oorts. I didn’t manually close it and I opened it from my side. Can someone help me?

Portal name at Yamasaka (capital of minorengle) was Minorengle Hill. Beacon was at coords 606 N 203 E and alt 100

Even when u open it from your side if u are not the one with same permissions at the other end ,the person can close it. Because it can be closed at both ends just can be fueled at one end

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Second that

i just realized the problem: The other person took it down and destroyed it afterward. When i put the token back in, it says portal token invalid


The owner asked for his forum account to be removed. I hope Yamaska is staying around! I seriously LOVE their building supplies!


no I only ask to delete my account on the forum it will be better … I will of course continue to play

Thanks, that’s nice @ginabean


Yay! I’m so happy to hear this! You have an amazing ability to keep up a great stock at great prices. Each time I go to your store I leave broke!

If you were closer to my planet, I would 100% have a portal to you. We get to you via you DK tree hub… just so you know. iLLn buys sooo much from you guys.

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great, always useful to know which portal people use. The one from DK seems to be one of the most used. It is true from Trior to Minorengle it is expensive

To try to keep a good inventory in store, we have to be quick … so we like to shop at The Witches brew :ok_hand:

What’s also great is that for us in Yamaska it’s almost like having creative mode on ps4 when we want to build haha

Ty @ginabean ty iLLn and ty to all of our buyers. We will surely take a break one day but we will come back as always lol. For now we are trying to fill the store as best as we can :slight_smile:

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I need my building blocks. :wink:

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