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@james Hello kind sir.

Starting a new thread to show support for an abandoned project. I know many of you wanted it, we kept posting in the official thread to keep it alive, but it seems dead. We’re 3 months past due, had 2 major updates, with more updates coming. We just don’t want to see it all disapear. Some of us loaded thousands of oort and resources into the builds.

Can we finish the competition, or even get a reply about possibly when, so we can retain our blocks and can move on to other projects, pretty please? I don’t care who wins, I just want to move on and start other ideas, but I need some of my materials I used there.

Thank You


Yes yes yes! Please at least give us some news on what’s the official position on it.

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Give @james a tag as a reminder ;p


i think you need to pm james
and ask to finish the competition yourself
just make a poll here on forum and let people vote
easy peazy i think james and coleges are busy getting that forge ready at moment
theres a stock off shards on the spot that @AmandaPan and @Stretchious can touch
i think
maybe you guys can finish the competition


@james Hey bud I noticed plot 11 north owned by hranica , half of his beacons ran out and is wild. Half of his large build is gone and half of the pink gleam used is now gone.

How come none of you guys leading this thing has even responded to any of the post on this thread and the official one? We now lost one of the nice large builds. At least let us know that it is a bust or something so we can move on. Thank you.

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