Portal Conduits between Berlyn & Therka

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I am trying to make a portal between Berlyn and Therka, I started off with 2 portal blocks on each end and found out it needs to be bigger for the distance. Should I do 4 blocks on each end or six? I don’t want to waste another 1100 coins if I get it wrong again D:

Berlyn to Therka is a 6-blinksec jump under the new planetary positions.

That would require 24 portal conduits on each end, 200 oort shards to open and cost 4 oort shards per hour.

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WOAH 24 D: That requires a skill to make big portals right?

Yeah, you start able to make 2-blinksec warp/portals, and youd need to get the skills to raise that to 6.

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Oh ok, I have that…dunno if I want to make 24 of those that would take so long for each end. How do I figure out how many portal conduits are required for closer planets?

Read the forum post I linked in my first reply :wink:


So any planets near Berlyn that aren’t on the chart are moons then? Like they would be 1 blinksec planets? Sorry to bother you like this I just don’t want to waste materials. I don’t fully understand the chart etc because I’m not sure what ring worlds are.

There is a chart in that forum post where you can check how far any planet is from any other, in blinkseconds.

There are 4 servers, US East, US West, Europe, and Australia.

Each server hosts one Homeworld or starter world, one moon, and one ‘ringworld’. Homeworlds are easiest difficulty, moons are slightly harder, and ringworlds are the hardest.

The Homeworlds are Solum, Berlyn, Therka, and Vena V.
The Moons are Epsilo, Elopor, Andoweem, and Septerfon.
The Ringworlds are Vulpto, Nasharil, Alturnik, and Munteen.

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I can’t help you much because I would just consult the forum post for a reference chart, but it brings to mind that this is a common struggle, especially for those doing their first personal portal build for objective. I certainly had this same confusion with regards to parsecs/blinksecs, ring planets, portal size, skill points to jump and the like. Then I read James saying that literally 100s and 100s of planets are coming and I am thinking, ‘well this is going to become very cumbersome for a player to assess pertinent information for making his/her own connections.’ I would like to see a built in reference, such as in knowledge, or perhaps its own menu, to have readily accessible portal information, including a timer for your own portals. Yes, please…


This one show the structure with home worlds in the middle, ring worlds at bottom and the moons on the top for each server.

But i think the links are a little outdated, since you got more planets in the sky to jump to now.


That is outdated. Here’s the new chart:

In my opinion a 6-blinksec jump is too much to justify a permanently open portal, especially for a new player. I operate a great many portals and only one of them (Septerfon>Nasharil) is 200 to open.

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So you can only go to a ringworld via the moon now?
Sounds logical, t1,t2 t3.

The most efficient portal to keep open is a 5 blinksec jump, as it costs 2/h to maintain giving you a total fuel efficiency of 2.5 blinks per shard per hour. That can get me from vena to therka for 4 an hour, ignoring setup costs and the transfer on epsilo (or elopor, cant remember)

I ultimately changed courses I have a conduit portal from from Berlyn to Elopor. Im actually moving to Therka though so it was all for not. Lol

is there a chart with biitula in it?

Yes, but for the record, the above planets no longer exist. This thread is referring to the beta worlds.
Live universe below.