🌏 A Guide to the New Universe ⭐ | New Star Charts and Portal Info

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How’s it going everyone?

Just wanted to show off what @Simoyd @Cakengrad @virresss @SePras and myself have been working on this week =)

Also Special thanks to @Okkelinor and @Stretchious . @Okkelinor Made the “Boundless Crown” Star Chart which used assets from @Stretchious 's boundlesscrafting.com … as we reused elements of this chart for prototyping and in some of the new charts =)… wow the Boundless community is wonderful at recycling XD

Patch Notes

Notes on Universe Structure From Release 188

As you may already know, the Universe has had a restructuring and is much more free-form. This allows the Devs to drop in planets and have them placed automatically!

This also means that the relationship or pathways through the universe has changed a bit as well…

  1. You now have to travel through the moons in order to get to the ring worlds


  1. There are no longer dead ends as Alturnik now raps around to Nasharil with only 2 shards / hr

@Cakengrad’s Map

Here is @Cakengrad original map

Green lines = Portal connections that cost 1 Shard / hr
Yellow line = Portal connection that cost 2 Shards / hr (Alturnik to Nasharil)

Obviously there are many “2 shard / hr” connections but it gets too messy to show them all :wink:

While at first glance this looks like an abstract diagram of the universe it actually follows the natural structure rather closely.

@Simoyd’s 3D Model

@Simoyd magicked a computer program to calculate the 3D structure of the universe based off of the given distances and plotted it here!

@Simoyd 's Program

The Planets Plotted in 3D based on the Programs results.

He found an optimal rotation for viewing in 2d

Amazing work!

Free Form Map

I threw together a more free from map that is a near direct overlay Symoid's chart:

Green lines = Portal connections that cost 1 Shard / hr
Yellow line = Portal connection that cost 2 Shards / hr (Alturnik to Nasharil)

Portals portals portals!

To the best of my knowledge pre-existing portals will not be affected by these changes however new portals ofcourse will obey the new rules so here’s a rundown:

So this info and the maps will change once this happens :wink:


Distance between planets is now measured in "Blinksecs"

Blinksecs Portal Conduits Shards To Open Shard(s) / hr
0 – 1 1 – 5 50 1
2 6 – 8 50 1
3 – 4 9 – 14 100 2
5 15 – 22 100 2
6 24 – 30 200 4
7 32 – 37 200 4
8 40 – 49 500 10
9 50 – 100 500 10

Rules for warp and portal conduits

  1. Distance determines the number of conduits needed (Portal Only)

  2. The number of conduits determines the price for both opening and per hour

Distance Table

This chart show the distances between all the planets for convenient reference


This is like a beautiful boundless homage to Stephen Hawkins’ passing. Great work!


This is in reply to the 7 blinkset

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Love the work y’all do. :slight_smile:

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with 2 oort/h I assume this portal was already open before the patch dropped? Costs were not changed for existing portals. Or has this been reduced with this mornings patch?

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oh wow just tested all that this AM BUT they did just push a patch…


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Okay so I’m not… completely?… Crazy!

im guessing @Simoyd Nailed it here ^^

Edit: if I make the portal any bigger it’ll make the price go up :wink:

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Redid all my portals this morning cause they would crash my game when I removed or added oortstone = couldn’t fuel

Hmm so what size is the portal?

guess i’ll recheck everything lol

3x5 7blinks

Release 188: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases! - CONTINUED

so wait… you have a 7 Blinksec portal costing 100 to open but your 3 blinksec portal cost 200 to open! O.o


Yeah that configuration gives me a “too small” error

Edit: Edit:

OK I’m getting all the same results and your second portal is consistent with my findings… So your first portal is haunted!.. I mean bugged =P

Your second portal is bigger than it needs to be so that’s why has the increased price… You are using 30 conduits when you only need to use 9-14

ohh nice but damn 37 days for one portal with a full stack of sharts if its 0 to 2 Blinksecs :smiley:
And I really appreciate the work you guys do :slight_smile:


Elements actually was taken from boundlesscrafting.com by @Stretchious :wink:


That’s why I love this community… together we make some awesome stuff!!


@Cakengrad Made another supper informative version of his original Map ^^

Excilent work!

OP updated


Hey, do you sure what 2 blinksec are required only 1 conduit?
@Vadyxa715 can’t open 2x2 portal from Munteen VII to Septerfon.

So, 2x3 is working for 2 blinksec. @Jiivita, please check information in your post.

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Thanks for the heads up… I’ll recheck and update the info ^^

Ok, verified that 1 Blink portals only need 1 conduit and that 2 blinks requires at least 6 conduits… OP updated with the new info

Im sorry for the inconvenience.