Release 188: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases! - CONTINUED

Additional release notes for Release 188.

Release 188.1:

  • Changed the reporting of hitting a fully repaired machine with a spanner to show a zero and “fully repaired”.
  • Tweaked the portal costs formulas to be closer to how they were before we changed the distances between worlds.
  • Updated Power Coil recipe skill text now that Power Coils are in the game.
  • Fixed modular signs not dropping when broken.
  • Tweaked the damage bombs deal to blocks.
  • Fix client crash hovering missing items.
  • Fix crash joining the game for user who have not played in a long time.

Release 188.2:

  • Selling plinths now cycle through all visually unique versions of the items offered for sale (e.g. tints, world atlases, etc) when looked at.
  • Hungry audio effect has been pared back a little bit :slight_smile: (Also fixed when switching characters)
  • Fixed smart stack issue where it was possible to add invalid items via atlas.

@james I’m out mining (on Andoweem) and I’ve been getting exactly the drops I would have expected before the luck changes. Did you guys revert for some reason?

My character has all the Luck attribute and full Attribute Bonus. I haven’t gotten more than 2 out of a single medium coal node (I’ve mined over 30) and ~ 20 or so hard coal and diamonds. No more than a single drop out of those.

*Edit: And I’m now positive. I’ve mined over 100 medium coal nodes. I’m getting max 2 out of them. Diamonds/Hard Coal/Large Fossils I’m getting 1 each.

Also note: i was mining yesterday on Vulpto and getting ~3 drops per from rubies.

Andoweem is a tier 2 world, so it would drop less than places like Vulpto (tier 3).

Maybe try Munteen VII, Vulpto, Alturnik or Nasharil (all tier 3) to see if you get bigger drops?

I’ll do that shortly, yeah.

Are you guys kidding, We in Portal Seekers Realy liked the new setup when we finally figured out how to do it. what is actually affected?

Just the costs not the relationships. The topology remains the same. So whatever you had before should still be correct. (I think).

Updated OP with details of 188.2


sweeeeet :heart_eyes:

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That’s how the luck always worked. 3 items for soft coal, 2 for medium coal and 1 for hard coal.

It’s upped after last update however looks like only on ring planets. Moons still yield older amounts or at least don’t offer enough increase to be easy to spit.
So ou can get up to 3 hard coals and large fossils and gems. Gold was dropping 4-5 most of the time last time I mined and medium coal yields more too. Etc.