🌏 A Guide to the New Universe ⭐ | New Star Charts and Portal Info

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I have just learned to my great misfortune that the chart is wrong for Septerfon – Nasharil is actually 6 Blinksecs away, not 5.

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Yeah, links between Tier 3 planets and any other is 2 blinksects. The top right does say 1-2 for green lines, but perhaps the link greens to/from T3’s should should be another colour.

maybe just differentiate between 1 and 2 maybe? just to help for longer distances

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I’ll look into and update the info when I’m on next =)


The reasoning behind the green lines it that it will only cost 1 shard in an hour.

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Ok rechecked all the values last night and made this new chart with simplified coloring. I also added a legend of sorts… everything appears to be in order… for now =P

OP Updated

Corrected some values in the legend and added a title for clarification O.o… Special thanks to @Prome3us ^^


I could certainly make an alternate version of my “free-form” map but I’ll leave it up to @Cakengrad as to whether or not he wants to modify his map

As @virresss mentioned, the original intent of the coloring was to, “depict as simply as possible”, the cheapest connections… In fact @Cakengrad 's map lists the price / hr in the legend as well as the blinksec range. However, it is a bit hard to read when not viewing a full Rez… Maybe the price per hour and distance should be swapped / a bit more contrast added? :thinking:

Anyway I’m not exactly sure how much value the distinction would add… And in fact, I fear it would add needless complexity =/… When planing a new portal that is more expensive than one shard per hour… It would be better to use one of the other charts instead of the maps since they are oversimplifications by nature :wink:


Just wanted to share how I was able to generate the 3D map that Jivita mentioned:

I made an application that moves planets around based on the blinksec distances that Jivita (and others?) collected. It moves the planets in small increments until the distances are as close to in-game as possible. I made the application configurable so more planets can be added to it later.

You can find the code here, it’s very well commented:

You can download and run the compiled application here:

This is what it looks like:


i like the 29% accuracy :wink::grinning:


Sweet! thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely check it out, and, if you don’t mind, add it to the OP ^^

You crazy mad…bar steward :smiley:

sure go nuts.

it’s actually the magnitude of the difference vector. It goes down over time and approaches 0.005, at which point a solution is found and checked against other found solutions to determine if it’s unique. In this screenshot it’s working on a 3rd attempt at a solution and has found 1 unique solution so far.

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Oh yea, i totaly figured it had nothing to do with actual accuracy. I couldn’t help but poke at it though for fun hehe.

Thanks @virresss for adding the tags… i often overlook those =)

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So! Big thanks to @anon42939288 for pointing out that 3 blinksec portals now seem to only costs 50 to open & 1/hr now for some reason… or at least Solum > Munteen; Solum > Vulpto; Munteen > Berlyn so far (all 3 blinksecs)

Guess i know what i’ll be doing in the morning lol


Yeah i had problem with finding it so hope it helps

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Updated universe Layout

Not sure when this changed, as it wasn’t mentioned in any patch note, but this is what the universe looks like now.


Change from previous to current:


3D point data and rotatable view

Solution 1: https://plot.ly/~sirnoyd/5/
Solution 2: https://plot.ly/~sirnoyd/8/

Note: Solution 2 is slightly more “accurate”

Updated portal costs

Note: I didn’t include 8 and 9 blinksecs because they’re too expensive and probably the same as before.



If I’m reading this new chart correctly, it would seem that Vulpto is now the ideal planet for a interplanetary portal hub. The average blinksec distance is 2-3, and the only outlier is Therka.


to bad the atmosphere will burn the flesh from your bones after future updates. :volcano:


Is the recipe for a hazmat suit in game yet? For visiting vulpto.