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Awesome Video @boundmore particular helpful on which plants drop which beans :heart:

On the Overview video… sadly the testing servers are down for 3ish hours so that may delay the video further… but on the up side there should be a bunch of new fixes to show off ^^


Thanks @Jiivita. Good to see someone found sth useful there. I for once mostly saw whats wrong with it after reviewing the whole lot after publishing. Aren’t parents too critical of their children though? :wink:

The servers down stopped me in the middle of recording as well. Covering energy/hunger basics and what raw foods can one find in the wild.

Waiting for your next as well.:sunglasses:

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Round 6!

Wow what an epic Releases this was… The forms literally told James that he was done!

And over the past two weeks i scrambled to make over 90 minutes of feature introductions & overviews! O.o

As mind-boggling as those two things are… @James mentioned that we shouldn’t get too comfortable since the next major patch will change everything again! :dizzy_face:

Can’t Wait! :heart_eyes:

Oops forgot the table of contents hehe
this is in the description of the video on YouTube and act as links to jump around ^^

Table of Contents

Major Features:
0:21 Revive
2:10 Slingbow Augments
3:09 Crafting Overhaul
5:30 New Blocks - Refined & Deco Wood & Deco Gem Blocks
7:38 Surface Resources
8:56 Reworked Universe Structure

Quality of Life Changes:
9:28 Beacon View
10:40 Character Switching
11:31 Faster-Firing Charger Slingbows
12:21 More Skill Points!
12:41 Overhauled Character Interaction System
14:26 New Chat Window
16:32 Shift Click /Quick Move Item Improvements
16:45 Improved Settlement Detection Algorithm
17:35 New Graphics Settings

Random Stuff:
18:58 Tidbits Not in the Patch Notes
20:32 Additional Notes on the Atlas
21:18 Changes to Beacon Fuel


And in case you missed any of the previous feature introductions: Here they all are in one convenient spot ^^


off watching the overview - have been waiting too long for this one!! :open_mouth::sunglasses::heart_eyes::wink:

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Ok so no video this week BUT i haven’t been completely lazy =P

thanks to the combined effort of @Simoyd @Cakengrad @virresss & @SePras i was able to put together:


Lol this release came out of nowhere for me… too distracted with all the changes in 188 not to mention spring break o.O

I haven’t been completely lazy over the holiday as i’ve been working on some back logged requests for beacon fuel and gfxs settings that should be up early next week ^^ After that, i may make a video for the new galaxy structure… unless i get a better idea / suggestion =P

anyway enough rambling:


Quick video checking out the current state of gathering Red Gleam… o.O

Requested by: Ivo Eersels (YouTube) & loosely inspired by Alokym’s channel (YouTube)

Anyway Short on time… so not the most polished but may prove useful for anyone looking for this block ^^ (Note this is NOT a Tutorial for finding it… more of an exploration ^^)


omg thats a long one - I will finish watching later; defo will use some info as I have never actually look for red gleam :open_mouth:

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Lol yeah… that’s why I generally avoid this kind of video…

Just a heads up on the red gleam spots reserved by me dunedragon thy all do respown and are open to anyone that want to harvist them I just beaconed them to prevent trolling of red gleam I have 9 spots saved from trolling and the 5 poll spot is one of them :slight_smile:


I’m sorry that it sounds like I’m throwing you under the bus… I do point out that this practice only started after the infamous gleam troll, and that just because you have many spots reserved does not mean you harvest every spawn. That aside… I should have made your intentions clearer from the start, so I apologize.

Red gleam is frustrating at best… here’s hoping that it won’t be like this for too much longer =)


Its cool np. I know from video its had to tell if the gleam was still active because I do take the timber to no waste lol but most of the time gleam is gone by the time I get around to checking it I don’t check it every day. the builds I just put up 2 days ago just as a test thy wont be permanent.

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A quick video showing the different beacon fuels, how long they last, and a bit on how to craft them ^^

Requested by @Oggieogham

also check out @boundmore 's video for a more in depth crafting guide ^^


As Requested by @Jeffrotheswell aka #BlameJeff =P

Be sure to checkout the description for an index of the settings so you can jump to the ones of interest =)


its a hashtag… we need to get it trending :joy:


Fixed it :wink:


that was very informative! thanks @Jiivita

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Cool video as always!

Couple of notes:-

  • % resolution can make a huge difference if your GPU bound. This is very helpful for higher resolution monitors and lower end gpus, eg those often in laptops. If it doesn’t alter fps with vsync off your CPU limited (bar some edge case with ultimate terrain that can be an awful lot of vertices and vram).
  • Smooth normals bevels the edges of natural blocks, e.g.look at sloped grass with and without. Its actually the single most expensive effect, other than per pixel lighting.
  • Reflections do show other players/creatures (see 16:25 of yours!). In first person there is no reflection of yourself though due to Mr Tickle.
  • Generally draw distance isnt too important, its terrain detail, object detail and reflections that cost the most on CPU.
  • I’ll checkout the min fps freaking out at 60fps, not seen that yet.
  • Interesting point on DOF, I too play with a low cursor.
  • We are working on the CPU load to get further wins all round!

Awesome, Great to know! guess I’m not GPU bound =) gives his CPU a dirty look

Holy :scream:


this was happening in Aquatopia on Solum @ 497N 639E alt. 57… where i normally have to bump the terrain detail down to medium to maintain a buttery smooth experience for recording… So having all settings at Max along with the minimum FPS at 60 wasn’t playing nice =P… also i was running and jumping fulltilt all over the place… So I was kind of asking for problems rofl


anyway… sounds like i should have picked you brain b4 recording ><
thank you for the great info <3

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