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1 basic and 1 advanced power coil in the dark…


So the answer to my question is… “no”.

I’ll have to think of something. I was thinking of having extra power coils attached to some blocks that come down on a workbench and the little white beams would flicker away while connected to the machine. I don’t know yet.

Good to know that they aren’t a light source but can be seen in darkness like in the picture.


ok @Jivita, heres the link to my beacon fuel video

Can’t wait to check yours and all the info on how much time the fuels give etc.!


Awesome Video @boundmore particular helpful on which plants drop which beans :heart:

On the Overview video… sadly the testing servers are down for 3ish hours so that may delay the video further… but on the up side there should be a bunch of new fixes to show off ^^


Thanks @Jiivita. Good to see someone found sth useful there. I for once mostly saw whats wrong with it after reviewing the whole lot after publishing. Aren’t parents too critical of their children though? :wink:

The servers down stopped me in the middle of recording as well. Covering energy/hunger basics and what raw foods can one find in the wild.

Waiting for your next as well.:sunglasses:


Round 6!

Wow what an epic Releases this was… The forms literally told James that he was done!

And over the past two weeks i scrambled to make over 90 minutes of feature introductions & overviews! O.o

As mind-boggling as those two things are… @James mentioned that we shouldn’t get too comfortable since the next major patch will change everything again! :dizzy_face:

Can’t Wait! :heart_eyes:

Oops forgot the table of contents hehe
this is in the description of the video on YouTube and act as links to jump around ^^

Table of Contents

Major Features:
0:21 Revive
2:10 Slingbow Augments
3:09 Crafting Overhaul
5:30 New Blocks - Refined & Deco Wood & Deco Gem Blocks
7:38 Surface Resources
8:56 Reworked Universe Structure

Quality of Life Changes:
9:28 Beacon View
10:40 Character Switching
11:31 Faster-Firing Charger Slingbows
12:21 More Skill Points!
12:41 Overhauled Character Interaction System
14:26 New Chat Window
16:32 Shift Click /Quick Move Item Improvements
16:45 Improved Settlement Detection Algorithm
17:35 New Graphics Settings

Random Stuff:
18:58 Tidbits Not in the Patch Notes
20:32 Additional Notes on the Atlas
21:18 Changes to Beacon Fuel


And in case you missed any of the previous feature introductions: Here they all are in one convenient spot ^^



off watching the overview - have been waiting too long for this one!! :open_mouth::sunglasses::heart_eyes::wink:


Ok so no video this week BUT i haven’t been completely lazy =P

thanks to the combined effort of @Simoyd @Cakengrad @virresss & @SePras i was able to put together:


Lol this release came out of nowhere for me… too distracted with all the changes in 188 not to mention spring break o.O

I haven’t been completely lazy over the holiday as i’ve been working on some back logged requests for beacon fuel and gfxs settings that should be up early next week ^^ After that, i may make a video for the new galaxy structure… unless i get a better idea / suggestion =P

anyway enough rambling:


Quick video checking out the current state of gathering Red Gleam… o.O

Requested by: Ivo Eersels (YouTube) & loosely inspired by Alokym’s channel (YouTube)

Anyway Short on time… so not the most polished but may prove useful for anyone looking for this block ^^ (Note this is NOT a Tutorial for finding it… more of an exploration ^^)


omg thats a long one - I will finish watching later; defo will use some info as I have never actually look for red gleam :open_mouth:


Lol yeah… that’s why I generally avoid this kind of video…


Just a heads up on the red gleam spots reserved by me dunedragon thy all do respown and are open to anyone that want to harvist them I just beaconed them to prevent trolling of red gleam I have 9 spots saved from trolling and the 5 poll spot is one of them :slight_smile:


I’m sorry that it sounds like I’m throwing you under the bus… I do point out that this practice only started after the infamous gleam troll, and that just because you have many spots reserved does not mean you harvest every spawn. That aside… I should have made your intentions clearer from the start, so I apologize.

Red gleam is frustrating at best… here’s hoping that it won’t be like this for too much longer =)


Its cool np. I know from video its had to tell if the gleam was still active because I do take the timber to no waste lol but most of the time gleam is gone by the time I get around to checking it I don’t check it every day. the builds I just put up 2 days ago just as a test thy wont be permanent.


A quick video showing the different beacon fuels, how long they last, and a bit on how to craft them ^^

Requested by @Oggieogham

also check out @boundmore 's video for a more in depth crafting guide ^^


As Requested by @Jeffrotheswell aka #BlameJeff =P

Be sure to checkout the description for an index of the settings so you can jump to the ones of interest =)

Thinking about buying, 2-3 questions tho

its a hashtag… we need to get it trending :joy:


Fixed it :wink: