Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

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Yes! Before Wednesday too!


Well that just showed that I need to change up my workshop layout. x.x


So the beams of power destroy blocks and sparc cord… what happens if You walk between the engine and the machine, does the power beam destroy you? Maybe just an arm? Does it relieve back pain?
What happens if you cross the beams??


Don’t ever cross the streams.


Nothing… thought I had a shot of that… guess it didn’t make the cut hehe


I walked through intact - who knows about long term effects though? :wink:


You probably won’t be able to have any alts now :rofl:


No children, nooooo… :sob:


Thank you @Jivita. Your videos are very helpful!

Does anyone know if this layout would work? Hope you understand my sketch.


it looks just about right, yea i think that would work, you just would need away to access the engines to repair them.


Thanks. Yes, I still need to solve that part. Most engines would be accessible if I have a hatch so you can enter from the side, but not all of them. Oh well, I will figure something out. :grinning:

Maybe like this, but different chiseling.


If you position them vertically you can walk between the machines and engines and easily reach them all. Of course then you may end up altless?


You will find that engines wont connect at a diagonal when off center form the machine.

Edit: your second layout will work better, just remove the off center diagonals.


Nice Designs! might run into some issues with the coils at the ends / opposite the wall… they will connect in a “+” shape but the diagonals or “X” shaped ones will not =( as Havok40k already pointed out


Do you have to individually repair every engine or do they daisy chain together like the spark cores?


Hard to tell… i’ll set up an experiment…


Ouch. Back to the drawing board then. Thank you.


I think your layout is sufficient, there is no need for max engines to complete any recipe as of yet.


Ok! so each one has to be repaired individually =/… It would be nice if they acted like spark cores ^^


I am curious if the little energy that comes off the power coil creates a small amount of light. Could be useful for certain workshop builds that are visible to the public.