Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

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Please do one on the food buffs!! :smiley:


Already in the works :stuck_out_tongue: although that video did kinda kick my butt yesterday O.o… all me… nothing to do with Boundless

anyway it should be up tomorrow =)


Good! For those of us that aren’t on the test server it helps out a lot. I’d love to know more about how power works and the engines… lol


That should be the following one… However my video editing time is extremely limited on weekends, so I probably won’t be able to start on it until Monday =/

after that one I think the next will be a general overview for the remaining features =)… unless i’m overlooking something again


Oh I know how much time goes into making those videos. Countless hours is the best way to describe it. lol


Dunno if this makes sense, but what if the radius of demolition bombs is reduced if there are players nearby (or within its radius)? And no knock back (except maybe for the thrower)

Or, maybe, prevent the bomb from exploding until all players are out of range.

That opens up a different sort of griefing, but it seems more manageable—and we might see an uptick in pristine terrain activism


Fixed the title for ya :joy: “range and focus”


I find bombs not destroying resources as a great feature. Intended or not.:grin:
Only thing is to balance it against hammers and shovels. So it’s more of a every now and again support for them tools.
Also it does have a downside of not giving you soil and rock drops. So already making it more limited.


4 Days :: 4 Videos! An interesting pace to keep up with but here is round 4 XD

Introducing the new brew and food buffs as well as an overview of Energy & Hunger =)

As i mentioned above i don’t have much time to Record/Edit over the weekend so Wednesday will likely be the intro for Power Coils followed by a general 187 overview… unless i decide Revive needs it’s own video :thinking:


The brews and food seem to be really good things to inject into the game for the economy. :smiley:


After 6 hours playing on the Test Server I transfered back to Live (to build up more storage for all the cool new items!) and found the Stamina mechanic was already in-grained in my playing style. I found myself pausing after 5 - 6 hammer swings naturally, with no actual reason! The most limiting mechanic is waiting for stamina regen while shooting Slingbows…but that’s what skill points and brews are there to augment!


Can you make a video on making the beacon fuels and what the differences are between them?
Do the higher fuels just add more time?
Or are they the only fuels that allow fueling for more than just a couple weeks?


Can you make a video on how to make the top tier items in oils, brews and foods?
Maybe just one item using channeling oil?


should be easy to do ^^

so a video on how to make the mats for the top tier food / brews? or a video on how to make them in general?

each one is a bit different so i fear it would make for an eye glazer… more so than they normally are =P

Maybe a chart would be helpful that shows all the raw mats needed?


Don’t even :joy: your videos are really good, and we have been spoilt with the 4 in a row :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you can show us how to make the top brews and foods without mats that would be even better.

Otherwise what you have to do to make an item. Where to gather the harder to find ingredients, how many intermediate materials have to be made, where to get those mats, what mods you have to make to a basic machine to be able to craft an item.
Like to make 1 rage or focus brew, which if I understand correctly, you need these brews to use any rage or focus abilities?
How to get/make the brew container 5, bucket of fortified milk, and channeling oil. How many engines you have to build and how to fit all the engines around the machines.

I don’t think I’m understanding how to do this yet, it seems like you will need 30 engines on the mixer machine and 30 on the workbench and a lot of intermediate steps with other machines and a furnace, and to mass craft 50 brews will need 36,000+18,000+18,000 sparc. And where do you get cobalt fragments? Must be in a cave on a ring world, I haven’t gathered much there yet.
I figure I’m reading this wrong and your video will make it look much easier. Or else I need a spreadsheet.
Help me obe wan kenobi?
This looks like a job for jiivita?
This is your mission should you chose to accept it?


tomorrow i’ll be working on the engine intro… so that should clear up some confusion on that topic

as far as how to craft the brews… i can certainly examine the mats and identify the common threads… i think =P… and go over them… they all follow a similar work flow from my limited understanding with the higher lvl brews just having more refined ingredients… so once i rap up the 187 stuff i can go over it ^^


Actually I have recorded material showing gathering all the materials - I used some of it to make a short video on some new drops, but that was far from perfect and cut short by game crashing issues. And my thinking was exactly that - show recipes on screen so people can see what ingredients are needed and then showing where to get the actual items.

So, if Jivita doesn’t mind, I can step in and cover drops gathering as I’m not equipped enough to do advanced crafting (lack of engines). I think I might be able to have it ready mid-week and with voice this time.


Cool! be sure to share links =)

lol feel free to make whatever you like ^^ can never have too many tutorials & guides imo and i always have more projects than i have time for lol


Round 5!

up next will be Revive / overview which, due to unexpected company today, will likely be delayed a day =/