Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

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that was very informative! thanks @Jiivita


Cool video as always!

Couple of notes:-

  • % resolution can make a huge difference if your GPU bound. This is very helpful for higher resolution monitors and lower end gpus, eg those often in laptops. If it doesn’t alter fps with vsync off your CPU limited (bar some edge case with ultimate terrain that can be an awful lot of vertices and vram).
  • Smooth normals bevels the edges of natural blocks, e.g.look at sloped grass with and without. Its actually the single most expensive effect, other than per pixel lighting.
  • Reflections do show other players/creatures (see 16:25 of yours!). In first person there is no reflection of yourself though due to Mr Tickle.
  • Generally draw distance isnt too important, its terrain detail, object detail and reflections that cost the most on CPU.
  • I’ll checkout the min fps freaking out at 60fps, not seen that yet.
  • Interesting point on DOF, I too play with a low cursor.
  • We are working on the CPU load to get further wins all round!


Awesome, Great to know! guess I’m not GPU bound =) gives his CPU a dirty look

Holy :scream:


this was happening in Aquatopia on Solum @ 497N 639E alt. 57… where i normally have to bump the terrain detail down to medium to maintain a buttery smooth experience for recording… So having all settings at Max along with the minimum FPS at 60 wasn’t playing nice =P… also i was running and jumping fulltilt all over the place… So I was kind of asking for problems rofl


anyway… sounds like i should have picked you brain b4 recording ><
thank you for the great info <3


I also found this interesting. And hadn’t really thought it of the way you presented it before.

I think we would like to scale the crosshair back a little. (But the game is unplayable with no crosshair - IMO.)


well, just to be clear, i don’t have anything against the crosshair. It works quite nicely for aiming since it doesn’t get lost in hectic situations… It’s just that when I’m looking at train and buildings I tend to look over the crosshair which makes DOF a bit counterproductive =)

A few ideas that this conversation brings to mind however would be crosshair settings so the player could customize it to an extent… Maybe even different styles such as a small dot etc… Or even a different crosshair for different tools and weapons… But that sounds needlessly complicated =P


Maybe smaller, maybe transparent, if that is at all realistic (I know transparency is a bit demanding)


Bit of a random video showing off my new “long-ish” term project along with some Boundless news, Buff index, and a Channel update to top it all off =P

Probably a bit redundant to put this here however it’s mentioned in the video so here we go ^^

Also, the awesome reply by James mentioned in the video:

Super quick summary of the channel update: WOWZA approaching 400 subs! :heart: :heart_eyes: – currently I feel players discover Boundless and THEN my channel… I would like to increase the chances that someone could discover Boundless BY discovering my channel… In other words I would like to promote Boundless more… And yes, I already tried shouting from rooftops - the police were not amused :rofl:

In all seriousness, in order to achieve this I feel it’s necessary to diversify my channel a bit so at some point I’ll be working on a few other games (maybe 1-2 videos a month) At any rate, I’ll most likely work on two or three such videos in the background and post them close together to kick it off :thinking:


Well clearly I will remove my recommendation to James to make Jiivita our official mascot… Since he plays other games! :slight_smile:


@Jiivita I totally discovered boundless through your channel! Your “Upcoming voxel haven” video popped into my feed, and I literally immediately wanted the game, and then bought it the next morning. So, thanks :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’ve been meaning to make an updated version of that video for ages now… guess I should make that a higher priority :thinking:


@Cookviper Requested that i unveil his latest and most epic competition to date!!!


I’m terrible at this stuff but will have a go :wink:


Wow… I need to win


Well I got the 1st clue but stuck from there on. I did however find a Diamond hammer as a hidden bonus prize from cook so happy days. Zelda bonus theme running through my head as requested :grin::+1:


I was wondering when somebody would find that. :grin:


Are there clues to find the riddle bits? Some signs don’t have numbers on, so are they part of it?


I have found 1 of 6. I am surprised by how complex and maze like the city can be. It feels bigger on the inside than on the outside 0.0 I am interested in joining a team.


I’ve got 1 and 5 at the moment


I’m sorry, I cannot provide any additional information… that being said I’m about 98% sure that this question is answered in the video =P


Each sign that’s part of the riddle will be labeled telling you what portion of the riddle it is. Once all are collected they can be read together to be solved. The hints however simply allude to the overall riddle and yes they can help you solve the riddle if they themselves are deciphered properly. Even the hints are written in riddle style. :smirk: