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Anybody and everybody feel free to ask questions if something doesn’t seem right and i’ll Answer the best I can. If you’re farther along and don’t wanna give something away just PM me.


Just to clear something up…once you find all six parts of the riddle, and decipher it, you will end up finding the next part of the quest at which point the first six riddles are no longer needed and you can move on to whatever you’re confronted with next.


Including hints?




ah… well then…


UPDATE: We won!!
@RedY3, @Swede and Me :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats guys…well done. You solved that waaaay quicker then jiivita and I thought possible. It’s to be noted that @BrianPWilson also deciphered the last and hardest part of the riddle and was literally racing to get the last piece of the quest.


@atowndowner and @slyduda were very close behind us in alturnik too.


it was with the help of @AmandaPan that we made it through the first 6 clues so fast :slight_smile: Thanks for a fun time @Cookviper!


Can’t take credit for any of it, I only tried getting towner something at the end! :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy :poodle: ! I thought for sure that this would last at least a day… if not weeks… but no, just 8 hours o.O

Congratulations @willcrutchley @Swede @RedY3 :champagne: :fireworks: :bank:


Did someone read too much Ready Player One? :grinning:


Here’s a follow up video on @Cookviper 's epic competition showing off the solution as well as a few crazy and clever hints that the winners didn’t find :wink:


I just now got the purpose of the pie in your pic. Pi was the solution…very clever. I feel I should’ve caught that sooner then I did. :sweat_smile:


Long over due video for the new universe structure and show off the Portal Seekers’ Portal Gateway =)


Ok, as mentioned in the sapphire experiment video… here is the first of a Let’s Play series for Boundless =P I’m not sure i want to post all of them here since i feel like it would be a bit too spam-y but we’ll see i guess

Speaking of the Sapphire experiment I have about 26m of elevation left to go (14 “floors” to mine out) so shouldn’t be too much longer before i can start on the juicy bits of the experiment XD


Cheeky skill-reset loaf chucked in there :joy:
@Jiivita Berlyn by the way


lol yeah, I just kinda opened the pantry and grabbed the first thing i saw since the notification text was so large it was still quite legible even after pixelating O.o


Was I right about Berlyn though… :confused::joy:


oh… did you edit that in… or am i going blind?

explain how you came to that assumption =)