Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

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Was a cheeky edit… I just guessed, because in sanctum the planet had a vertical line on it, so does Berlyn so…


Fair enough lol you’re right =P… i didn’t think that would be the thing to give it away… wow that lasted only 27 minutes O.o

What grapple would you like? and apparently i need to work out the next prize soon… they don’t last long around you :rofl:


Hah, emerald if you please, good Sir!


Get working on that second prize @jiivita, your character’s name is TestTube
drops mic


Stalkers!.. you’re all Stalkers! :rofl: oh wait are you aka Carter Williams?


You really should’ve blurred the entire compass :joy: I found your base by looking at where things were that way…


lol Clever…

i didn’t want to make it impossible =P… in fact, there’s two moments in the sanctum where you can see the unaltered atmosphere which could have been a dead giveaway =P … i did however think it would take more than one episode to figure out my name hehe

as far as a prize… any requests? after @Cookviper 's prize im not sure what i can offer O.o

Also it’s was kinda a pain to blur all the stuff, so im not exactly complaining… other than ep.02 is already done :scream:


Well, in terms of a prize, a sapphire hammer or axe would be lovely :wink:


oh wait… looks like you might have a contender for the prize @willcrutchley … Ancalagon found me too… have to figure out who posted first… but for now i have to take my niece to dance class =P


Hah, alright!


ok… looks like he posted 9 minutes AFTER you BUT he provided a photo too as proof (which must have slowed him down) … so you both win imho =P

Never did I think this would generate this much attention O.o (secretly i’m always amazed that anyone watches my videos :joy:)


Oh i didn’t know to post here on the forums, this is great :slight_smile: darn i should’ve known it would be you to win too @willcrutchley :grin:


The Amazing Kickoff to the new series inspired me to go ahead and upload the next one today ^^

No worries… there were no instructions since i get ample notifications from just about all platforms (except maybe Facebook :dizzy_face:) However, I am curious how you found me though :thinking: if you don’t mind sharing that is

I’ll PM the winners on the forums as to how and where to receive the prize(s) (unless other arrangements have been made :wink:)


Well i had a pretty good idea that it might be berlyn and i used my atlas to make sure it was by looking for little locations that i remembered from your video. I wanted to challenge myself though so i didn’t actually use it on the planet :slight_smile: i knew that you said you were close to that big body of water in the distance and i remembered seeing a sandy cliff in the background when you first plotted your spot. I kind of just went through the desert there, got lucky getting close to that flat cliff and walked around the edge till i found that pond of yours :slight_smile: I always like the builds that people do on water, i bet yours will look great


I actually started a new character and warped to the same place as Jiivita to make it easier :joy:


berlyn does not have meteors


As an aside…is it possible to warp to any planet other than your “home” server from the start? Since I’m USA East am I locked to Solum as a start location?


When making a character you can pick your starting region (US East, US West, EU, & Australia) but you are locked to the Home world of each region for picking a landing site. so

US East = Solum,
US West = Berlyn,
EU = Therka,
Australia = Vena V


You can find the nearest city and use their portals to get where you want to go. Then start building your campfire and following the objectives. then delete the starting location in “Places/Locations” and making your new location “home” under “beacons”

thats how you make a home no matter where you started.


This one was requested by Paul Turner (YouTube) though i somehow didn’t mention that in the video ><

This is a bit of an explorational type video as i wanted to show what you might expect from a Ruby mining trip… i plan to cover all the gems in time so let me know if you would prefer a shorter more theory based video