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Did they make it where all starter worlds do not have meteors or just Berlyn?


all home worlds - for beginners safety


This one was requested by Tom on YouTube… originally it was going to be one video combined with another viewer’s questions BUT it got toooo long =P so it’ll be broken up into 3 videos by topic

Tom also inquired about a Patreon Page… so if you’ve secretly had a burring desire to support my content creation… now you can! (still under construction ^^)

in case you missed it… here’s ep.03 of my Let’s Play =)
Episode 04 will likely be crafting & building focused and have a surprise sponsored & inspired by @Cookviper :wink:


The world regen video is unlisted, just FYI if that is a mistake :wink:


I should write a script to make videos go live on all 4 platforms simultaneously =P


A quick video to answer some basic hunting / looting questions that often come up in hunts ^^

Also, if you missed the last episode of the Let’s Play:


@Cookviper has another treat for views as we build the basic frame of the house ^^

Rewards: (Steam)
Aarklash: Legacy
Monster Slayers


Let the riddle solving begin!! :grin: can’t waIt to see who gets this one.


Is it Leonardo?


No wait, it’s Venus isn’t it? :slight_smile: she was the only one name after a work of art and her name is also a planet


Ding Ding Ding we have a winner!

Congratulations @Ancalagon !

So here is the explanation from @Cookviper himself:

"Venus was the fifth ninja turtle that was named after the famous armless statue. The Turtles creator Micheal Bay had plans to change their origin story so that they were all aliens from space but changed his mind after fans had a meltdown and literally petitioned him not to.

“Also Venus wore light blue whereas Leonardo wore plain blue, and the hint was my (Cookviper’s) Raphael sprite art in cooks corner. He’s one of four, technically one of five.”

Also a special honorable mention and shout-out from Cookviper to Jaames Johnson (YouTube) for coming up with a well researched answer that even Cookviper didn’t think of when he was writing the riddle…

Jaames Johnson:
"So there are 5 TMNT’s Kirby being the fifth… Named after art but wore Light blue I Made me think Leonardo at first…
Im Not from space, but sad to say… Mona Lisa is sad to say and is the nickname of Y’gythgba a human hybrid Salamandra who always wore a light blue gem around her neck, that was from earth not Salamandria…
She almost would have been in the 4th movie but the people making that movie lost rights thanks to the Guys Michael Bay worked for that bought out all the rights to TMNT’s…

“So my over all answer based on all the above is Ygythgba “Nickname” Mona Lisa… Raphaels Girl Friend who wore light blue gem around her neck…”

So Kirby was a potential 5th TMNT however the creator refused to add a 5th unless it was going to be a female.


Showing off all the awesome stuff release 191 has the offer!


I seriously can’t wait for this to go live! Nice video, thanks for going over everything :slight_smile:


these mega expensive advanced power coils will hurt lol


Putting roads on different beacons should also solve the bridging problem without the need of backing off!
(At the cost of more beacon fuel of course.)

Thank you for the vid! Most appreciated as always.


The (Mighty, I think) Wildstock give a little animated rear after you fire at them and before their charge!


The other half of Tom’s Questions, concerning what are as well as the benefits of settlements and who gets the taxes =)

Tax info is based off this ancient post lol (most recent Dev Post on the subject that I could find)
this is actually rather interesting, especially the Dev replies below the OP

Edit, I almost forgot to say, there’s a disruption to my YouTube endeavors coming up…

Warning: sad stuff

i don’t talk about my personal life much but i’m a Private Duty Nurse and i’ve been caring for my father for the past year, following his diagnosis with Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. Things where looking promising for quite sometime, however he is sadly on end-of-life care now.

Generally I’m good a juggling everything but this one will be a bit difficult understandably… i have a small buffer of content built up, so who knows, maybe it will be enough.

Anyway, i didn’t wan to disappear abruptly with no explanation or warning, so yeah .


I love ur videos Jiivita!!!


Awesome! thanks ^^


That sucks man, sorry to hear that. Do what you gotta do and hang in there. Any absence will be missed with a patient anticipation of a healthy return.:grin: