Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

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Sorry to hear about your father.
I hope you stay positive and find strength throughout the difficult time. Let the challenges you face become opportunities for you and not obstacles.


Might be the last one for a bit

if you missed some of the let’s plays…


That’s alright :slight_smile: Great video, I had no idea you could see exactly who was on the server.


How’s it going everyone!

I’m more or less back to making videos! it will take a bit to get back up to full steam and there may be a few minor interruptions to come, but should only be something like 2 videos for the week instead of 3 :thinking:

Today i have double whammy with the Centraforge introduction as well as a request from @the-moebius for showing off the expansions to Aquatopia ^^

Enjoy ^^


Omigosh sweet!!! Great to have you back, i can’t wait to test this stuff!


That’s going to be interesting… I just need to get like 400ish more Tech Components and I’ll have enough stuff Techs to craft up advanced power coils for all the machines for 1 mass craft of power coils.

When I saw the Iron Tool do a 3x3 pattern I got excited. I am curious to see how good bombs are going to be after this when they have max AOE damage on blocks.


Showing off the rest of the awesome stuff in 193 ^^


Got some cool stuff for you all today :grin:

not much point talking about it… just watch =P

also… here is last Friday’s video that i forgot to post (thank you YouTube for not letting me schedule video releases ><)

Pft… also helps to paste the share link b4 posting O.o


As an editor and someone working in the film business, not a bad trailer dude! Awesome job!


Unofficial Trailer Well done Jivita :+1:


I have to agree. Very well done indeed man


Thanks everyone! It kinda turned into an obsession =P
But honestly… #blamejames :wink:


finally, day off for jeff


Really nice trailer!

EDIT: Already sending it to potential recruits


Just FYI, one of those buildings in the video is trademarked, and using it in your video incurs a licensing fee of 100 Igneous Bricks. :moneybag:



Wow, unofficial trailer, superb :laughing::+1: loved the workshop


easy and well worth it =P

… which one?


Thanks… the workshop is still a WIP… lol the wall opposite of the shot is still missing :scream:


hope they like Boundless content =P… i mean i keep saying that i’m going to diversify a bit at some point… but yeah haven’t even started on anything else yet… Boundless is just too epic :star_struck:


I’m guessing the thunder church? the stormy stronghold? can’t remember the name of it now… :wink:


Thunderbolt Chapel :wink: