Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

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If anything I should probably be the one paying the ad revenue… You blasted the name from @AmandaPan 's portal right before it showed up. Heheh


the sign said lighting cathedral… though i don’t know if that’s is the beacon name…



I have a feeling this maybe better then the official trailer!!!


Great job Jiivita, just missed your soothing voice that’s my only critique.


OMG that was awesome brought a tear to my eye. love it.


@Jiivita beautifull video!

i have to say that one of the best things - aka: the thing that mostly hitted me in the center of the brain’s attention - is the part reguarding… “Discover a civilization long forgotten…”

This reminded me of how important is to deepen the story and motivation


It’s perfect!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Just In case you missed the hunting servers… here is a rundown on the general ideas the development team have for the for final Worlds. Some amazing stuff in store for :boundless: ^^

New Planets Economy Discussion

Jealous of your fly hax :wink: love the cinematic shots!


I’m willing to give @james or any developer my whole inventory of 52 storage containers filled with mud smart stacks for us all to have flying hax on the hunting universe!


Why are you keeping all the mud?
You should sell it all to omni, get rich and settle down on a caribbean island planet.


Don’t forget the ability to do timelapses :stuck_out_tongue: they look super cool

  1. Omni is rich enough… I will not fund the first Boundless Trillionaire! Down with coporate greed! hehe… teasing… sorta :slight_smile:

  2. Primarily to bribe James and the dev team… if they only knew the real special properties in mud.

  3. In hopes that one day we actually get the Mud Brick crafting recipes we all want and keep begging for.


You mean a video editor? =P Other than finding the perfect time of day and weather… all the timelapses where taken in real time and then sped up after words to ensure they were as smooth as possible :wink:


A bit short on time… as usual O.o… anyway here is a quick rundown on Bomb Mining if you missed the Let’s Play version ^^

Also Pro Tip from @virresss that didn’t make it in time for the video: You can use a Gold Bomb, which has the same AoE as diamond, on the (I’m assuming the 6th bomb if it’s needed) to break the rock without risking the resources ^^

Have a blessed weekend and until next time, Peace!


Just some Info that i came across from bomb mining a lot with diamond bombs, if you are maxed out on Power skill you always risk to destroy the resources if you need more than 5 bombs. So if you remove 2 skill points in Power you always need 6 bombs and never risk the resources. If you use Mega Strength Brew, you only need 4 bombs.

This is for Tier 3 planets.


Atm I have Bomb Mastery 4/5, Str 90/100, no boost on crits and need about 6 bombs on tier 3 worlds, but the chance to also destroy all the ores and stuff is kinda high (about 30-40%) so any advice what I can raise or do different? Is it a good Idea to go to bomb mastery 5? … would be great cuz then I would also be able to use them on max efficiency for other jobs. I have no skill reset left and don’t want to wait 5 days till I can try again ^^


remember there will be higher tier worlds meaning higher durability of blocks, so there is a room for more damage from bombs without destroying ores


japp, of cause (and japp, cant wait for the new worlds ^^) but is there a nice way to do it with mastery 5 and 90(+) str on Tier 3 worlds?


You can’t, the only way to be ores safe is the way i said, 6/8 power, 4/5 bomb mastery, 8/8 agility, 5/5 attributes bonus with diamond bombs. You will need 6 bombs.

Or you will need mega strength brew to use full power which destroy blocks in 4 bombs

( edited with the right numbers)