Portal directions issue

dear community,

so I set up a few portals they are facing North/South
a friend of mine created also a portal North/South
he created a portal token and gave me the token, when I open the portal on my side it shows correctly but at his side its facing East/West!
how is this possible al other portals are correct

we replaced token
replaced portal conduit just to make sure,
yet his is not showing the right direction , any tips on this?

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Hi. Now I am not a portal-opening expert but allow me to ask you, are those portals you mentioned all 2x1? If yes, it might be due to the fact that 2x1 portals always open in one fixed direction regardless of the way you set the conduits.

If you forget where to set 2x1’s then always pop into a ps hub (or any big hub)…they’ll have 2x1 or 3x1 on north/south sides and 2x2 etc on east/west (well, that’s how I remember anyhows :slight_smile:) .
if you give him a token from your n/s portal for his e/w one, will that work?

Exit portal must face N/S AND opening portal will be W/E. For 1 wide 2 tall portals

Curious because i made my first portal the other day and i had the same result as OP. I assume exit would be the side of the portal that you put the portal token in correct?

The exit portal is the portal that you come out of when you go back to your opening side. The opening side is where you have the token from the exit portal and is the only side you can fuel the portal through.

Edit: normally you want to make your “opening” portal the easiest one to get to. Like in your base or something. Don’t open the portal on a t5 and the exit at your t2 planet where your home is if it goes down you will have to travel to the t5 somehow to refuel it or gather a new token to open it up from your home.

Ok gotcha. Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind next time so i dont waste 50 shards reopening lol

It currently has bug…
In old patch the side provide token have to face North & South.
The other side won’t matter, but better face North & South too.

Before this patch, i never failed when i setup both side portal (1x2) face north & south.
I did failed it today, i placed both side North and South, it failed at first time open.
I close it and re-open, it works.
So i am pretty sure its a bug.

if this was not the case, it would have told me incorrect portal setup.
i stated it was opened so this means they are both the same size xD :wink:

wel thanks for the answers everyone, ill have to make sure everyone is placing their portals North/South for the 1x2 portals
i really hope this is getting fixed some day because this way you waste a lot of oorts!

Maybe they could add a confirmation message telling you which direction each portal will face after opening

Really the portals should open in the direction they are placed

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Should be simply rotated with a chisel.


wel i think depending on the side u are standing from the block XYZ that exact coordination u create a token from should be the opening side, same goes for breaking side but it seems messy right now

I didnt mean incompatible portal sizes. I just wanted to ask about their size xD

I thought 2x1 portals always opened North/South…?

the exit will always be North/South BUT the side that you open from can be ether… It is decided based on the direction you are facing when you open it… if you want it to be east/west then open when facing that way, if you want it north/south… face that way instead :wink: