Portal Distance Setup Help

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quick question, about to build my first portals, but I seem to fail to understand the mechanics behind it.

So my first question:
Is the distance still related to the size of the portal? I.e. the further away, the bigger the portal has to be? If so, where do I find out the size it has to be without having to travel back and forth to try out?

Second question:
Is there a nice overview anywhere, how many blinksecs/hops/parsecs, whatever they are called now, I need to get from planet X to planet Y - again, without having to travel back and forth using the system trial and fail.

Any insights would be highly appreciated!

Thank you.


#1, yes the further you wish to travel, larger the portal size needs to be, also greater the cost in opening it in shards.
#2, usually by now you should have marked some locations down as places you frequently go to. Under the places settings in menu go to locations, it will show you the blink distance as to how far loc. A is from your current location.
Also, be sure to invest in all 3 portal skill points for distance opening portals, and epic portal skill. Without the epic you won’t be able to open portals period without it.

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This might help for distance.

(Edit: I did not make this, It was pulled from the Aquatopia discord. but credit to whoever made it, very useful!)

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Thank you! *bookmarked

OMG! This is brilliant, thank you so much!

There’s also now a wiki page with information on Portal costs.

And if you need help after the good advice above, I can help you in-game if you need. There’s a sign up in Arie Plaza about portals, and I’ll be through the 2x1 portal labelled “MiniHub” chiselling away.

At 20:00gmt I’m going for a low level (Lamblis, Xa Frant) hunt for meteors if you want come and farm portal fuel. Starting at Hunter Lodge on Arie Plaza on my alt Samphire. No special requirements :slight_smile:

nothing to do with portals but this site has loads off info on resources etc

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