Portal Facederp..?

Usually have no problems. I am not running a soup can coat hanger modem in Antarctica. Have been staring at a Gyosha Mall —> Gyosha Mall portal roughly 160 tiles away for 5 minutes now. What’s up? Portals have been horrid all day.


Right devs need to let us know if we should stop looking at our screens and read a book, or take a 5 min break and come back.

I am having zero issue going either way thru Gyosha portals :woman_shrugging:
Seems like a lot of people are having probs tho

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Yeah I’ve never had issues on the same planet before unless I was on a Eu planet.

Several posts on here and on discord, and no dev response.

“footfall is broke”
That usually gets their attention

(Ps4) I also have to dashboard and close to swap characters, or I’m just at a forever load screen.

The cold could effect the internet lines. It’s pretty extreme right now.

Lines can freeze and snap.

We have underground fiberoptic, but if the ground freezes enough, it can constrict the tubes and put pressure on the lines.

On days like this I just load a bunch of stories in offline mode on my kindle and just chill with a blanket and hot beverage. :blush:

I can play other games, as can the others having problems without issues. Its either just coincidence or on bounless’ servers end.

I’m stuck in sanctum, one hour now… checked all my connections and such.

And that’s on all characters that are in different worlds. Nothing is even attempting to load. I cannot even get info to pop if I wanted to warp to somewhere.

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yea, was stuck in Besv. died to a portal and had to have someone come close enough in a US East server that i could port to, which cost a nice 980c. Where are the devs? usually on here telling us footfall aint broke til midnight.

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Lol they like to throw words around like “Working as intended…” with footfall.

On a side note I opened up a sanctum portal 3 minutes ago and it hasn’t loaded yet.

Right sanctuary portal will NOT open.

I see this was all happening 11 hours ago as I type this. 11 hours ago I was online and having better responsiveness than I usually do on US East worlds. Doesn’t seem like it was a problem on the Boundless servers themselves if my experience is any kind of evidence.

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i install fibreoptics some times
as far as i knew it works perfect our its broken forever no in between
def gonna research this
very interesting :nerd_face:
always ready to improve my installations :smile:

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Haven’t played yet today, but there was zero stutter or lag while playing on an actual world yesterday when the portals were acting up.

If it helps, this is ND and we’ve got lots of extreme temps with sometimes 20-40degree difference in temps by the day. Lots of expanding and contracting.
We’ve only had minor hickups though. On really extreme days. It’s also pretty new for their “rural development,” project, about 2ish years old.

On a related side note, this is where the Jeff foxworthy joke of the "road construction " season came from, bc that kills our roads too. :laughing:

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