Portal Footfall question

Do you lose footfall if a player uses a portal to another part of the same beacon?

You only get footfall once per person per day when they enter any beacon that character owns within a settlement. So it will only count that first time they step into your beacon

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You don’t lose footfall

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Like @Venom said only 1 time per day per character (for character beacon[s]).

Only way i know of losing FF is by character not visiting own beacon for a period. And when a beacon isn’t empty in a certain time the FF will be destroyed.

Or if like me it all goes to oort :joy:.

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Wait what?

Its more then a month or so. Not exactly sure how long but its around the time the beacon generates almost no FF any more (or doesn’t seem to generate it). Chances are the beacon needs a “visit” from your character.

That said this is from day one and haven’t read any change about this on the forum.
(So if i missed it my bad “the change”).

Oh ok just a translation error.

Yes your future footfall potential decreases if you don’t visit the settlement

But your already earned footfall sitting in the beacon doesn’t go away if not collected

You don’t actually have to interact with the beacon FYI, just visit the settlement

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Yeah visiting is enough. :grin: