Portal - Insuffecient fuel

To open a portal I need 150 shards - yet when I put in 150 shards it is still not enough - what gives ?

150 to open, then a constant supply to keep it open.

So you technically need 151 to open it :joy:

better open it with full oortshard stock and after its open top it off

At which point it will be open for a very short amount of time.

I saw a chart of how much it costs to hold a portal open, supposedly it doesnt cost anything if its the same planet ?

Every portal has an upkeep cost.

smallest posible is one shard an hour
if it is same planet it should cost 100 to open i think
def need @simoyd here lol

That is odd - Is it still based on the portal size ?

Might be why I Guess.

As you can see, distance has no direct effect on the cost. Only indirect, by having a minimum conduit count.


Yeah the table I have been looking at has certainly not been correct - Thanks @willcrutchley

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Yeah, things were changed with the new universe

The Current Portal Situation is imho a little annoying.

We build a giant Hub now for Everyone to buy Portals off, but we made them 2x2 and 2x3 cause that was like the default before.
Now the Oort/h is scaling with the Portal Size and not the blinksecs and if someone on our Planet tried to connect it would cost them 150-200 Oort to Open the Portal and 3-4 Oort to keep it alive. I can see why this got changed, but if i wanted to make a Cheap Portal now, i have to make it 1x2 and with that Config i don’t have Control over the opening Direction of my Exit Portal (They Allways Open to North/South) and the Portals in our Hub all Aim to East/West… I don’t want to redo the Whole thing…

@james Will this stay how it is right now, or could we get the 2x2 cheaper too? winks seducing

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